3rd Rock From the Sun

The Solomons have freed Dick and now he's after his replacement.

S2, E1

See Dick Continue to Run, Part I

Sally, Harry and Tommy experience Dick's replacement is very aggravating while they don't know Dick is still trapped in the basement.

S2, E2

See Dick Continue to Run, Part II

The Solomons have freed Dick and now he's after his replacement.

S2, E3

Hotel Dick

Dick feels he has to tell Mary he's an alien. They all go to a sci-fi convention.

S2, E4

Big Angry Virgin from Outer Space

Sally and Mr. Randall are having a conflict and August tests Tommy's loyalty to her.

S2, E5

Much Ado about Dick

Mary doesn't want everybody to know she and Dick have a relationship, which Dick doesn't understand. Sally gets a fine, but officer Don fixes it.

S2, E6

Dick the Vote

Harry runs for city council after he's mistaken for an activist.

S2, E7

Fourth and Dick

It's homecoming weekend and everybody is excited about the game, except for Dick.

S2, E8

World's Greatest Dick

Against Tommy's will, Dick enlists him in a school for gifted students. Sally meets a special guy in a different kind of bar.

S2, E9

My Mother the Alien

Mrs. Dubcek asks the Solomons to babysit her grandson. Dick takes care of Mary's fish when she's away.

S2, E10

Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick

It's Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the Solomons don't have a clue what Thanksgiving is. Mrs. Dubcek and her daughter Vicky help them.