Sylvana’s not your average tourist. From a small town in rural Russia, Sylvana’s family practices Russian Archaic, an ultra-orthodox religion that believes life should havestopped improving after 1650. It’s strict, but at age 20 every Russian Archaic gets “Kracnaya Oseyn” (red autumn) – one month to enjoy modern advances – and Sylvana’s spending hers in New York City! Each episode of Red Autumn finds Sylvana interacting with a different New Yorker – from dog walkers to frat boys – and badly misunderstanding what their life is all about. Quirky, Russian Constructivist-animation sequences provide awindow into Sylvana’s brain, what she imagines is going on, and how harsh life is backhome. Whether it’s a dog-walker, a frat boy, a stay-at-home father, or a Zumba student, Sylvana has a wildly off-kilter interpretation of why they do these quintessential, modern-American activities. And each time, her insane misunderstanding somehow touches a nerve, leaving the American in an existential crisis, as Sylvana happily marches on to another adventure in the “land of hamburgers and high fives.”