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Will Weinand


Five “Alien” facts to know before you see “Prometheus”

After months of waiting, the release of Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus is finally here. Having sifted through all the posters, trailers, viral videos and press conferences, all of our theories about what the film will explore and how it connects to “Alien” will be revealed. Before they pull the curtain back, we decided to take one […]


“Prometheus” featurette explores alien origins of humanity

The new short explores the creators of human kind.


“Prometheus” international launch trailer delivers the aliens

After months of pouring over the trailers for “Promethueus” like Jim Garrison studying the Zapruder film (for the younger readers, that’s a “JFK” joke), one thing we still hadn’t seen was a dead-on shot of one of the film’s monsters. That all changes with the new international trailer, which includes scenes with what might be […]


The John Carpenter 8-bit tribute album is pitch perfect

If there’s one thing that pretty general knowledge , it’s that the staff of the IFC FIX are pretty big fans of John Carpenter. Known for writing and directing some of the defining sci-fi and horror films of the 70’s and 80’s, Carpenter’s resourceful approach to making his movies included working with minimalist lighting, unique […]


ReCap: Kyle MacLachlan chats with “Portlandia” fans on IFC SYNC

On “Portlandia,” Kyle MacLachlan plays the energetic and affable Mayor, who tasks Fred and Carrie with missions to better the community and sometimes takes off on his own creative endeavors. Above all, the Mayor is cool, hip and open with the public. Last Friday night, “Portlandia” fans got to find out that in the case […]


“Portlandia’s” Jonathan Krisel answers fan questions on IFC SYNC

This past Friday, “Portlandia” writer, director and co-creator (and sometimes performer) Jonathan Krisel joined viewers live on IFC SYNC: Portlandia to answer fans’ questions about the show. For those who couldn’t make it to the chat, you can read all of the submitted questions and Jonathan’s answers below. Don’t forget to log in to IFC […]


“Prometheus” International trailer gives an unobstructed view of an epic Sci-Fi mystery

With the June 8th release of “Prometheus” still a little over three months away, the mystery behind Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction is still a closely kept secret. Even when we had the opportunity to speak with Michael Fassbender, who plays a synthetic crewman about the titular space exploration craft, he offered little in […]


“Safe House” director Daniel Espinosa talks character development, audience perspective and the power of information

In the international espionage thriller “Safe House,” Daniel Espinoza directs Denzel Washington as a rogue operative who gains possession of extremely sensitive information, and has to seek protection from his former agency to buy himself time to figure out how to use it. Ryan Reynolds co-stars as a low-level agent who gets dragged from his […]


“G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” “The Avengers” and “The Amazing Spider-Man” deliver the action at Toy Fair

The relationship between movies and toys these days is almost seamless. On one had you have movies like “Star Wars” that pretty much gave birth to the action figure line, and other the other you have toy lines like G.I. Joe and Transformers that were adapted in to major motion pictures. And the relationship makes […]


“The Avengers” Super Bowl commercial scores major reveals

Whether or not your football team took home the glory last night, “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” delivered a win for everyone who had been hoping the Super Bowl commercial would give us some new glimpses of the action, aliens and Avengers themselves. With the teasing finally over, the ad immediately sets the foreboding tone for the […]