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K Thor Jensen


10 Musical Scenes That Came Out of Nowhere

Catch Slumdog Millionaire tonight at 8/7c on IFC, followed by Monster’s Ball.


11 Operation Scenes That’ll Make You Squirm

Catch Turistas tonight on IFC starting at 8/7c.


10 Sci-Fi Girls You Don’t Want to Cross

Catch a double airing of Starship Troopers Sunday, Sept. 22 starting at 8/7c.


10 Best Hangouts in Movies & TV

Characters on-screen often need a neutral third location to meet and work through their issues. Or sometimes just to kick back and wait for something to happen. Here’s our list of the absolute best fictional hangouts from movies and TV shows. 1. Monk’s Cafe, Seinfeld Located on the Upper West Side, this New York eatery […]


10 Show-Stopping Musical Moments in TV

Watch Comedy Bang! Bang! The Musical tonight at 10/9c on IFC.


10 Incredible Musical Episodes in TV History

Comedy Bang! Bang! is boldly venturing into the musical episode world this Friday at 10/9c. To help warm up your vocal chords, here are ten non-musical TV shows that went down that path successfully. 1. That 70s Show – “That 70s Musical” A common excuse for a musical episode is having it take place in […]


10 Comedians Who Are Always in Trouble

One of the biggest jobs of a comedian is to kick against the pricks, as they say. But that often doesn’t endear you to society as a whole. With Russell Brand hitting the headlines again for outing Hugo Boss’s Nazi connections, we thought it was time to remember these ten other comedians who got in […]


10 Best Videos of Comedians Dealing with Hecklers

Heckling: is it just part of the cost of doing business for a comedian? For Dave Chappelle, it was enough to get him to cut a show short in mid-set. Other jokesters handle it a little bit better, as these hilarious videos will demonstrate. 1. Bill Burr When Bill Burr took the stage in Philly, […]


10 Movie Castings That Pissed People Off

With Ben Affleck getting tons of nerd flack over taking the role of Batman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman/Superman team-up, we thought it might be fun to take a look back at other casting announcements that ruffled some feathers. 1. Daniel Craig as James Bond The concept of a blonde 007 was reviled by many […]