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K Thor Jensen


10 Movie Premises You Won’t Believe Are Real

Catch Snakes on a Plane on Dec. 3 at 8/7c on IFC.


10 Biggest Nymphos in Movies

Catch Eyes Wide Shut on Dec. 2 at 8/7c on IFC.


10 Rock Stars Who Should Have Been Comedians

There’s often a humorous streak lurking behind even the most serious façade, as you’ll see when Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme appears on Comedy Bang! Bang! on Friday, Nov. 29 at 10/9c. Here’s ten rock stars, including Josh, who have a wicked sense of humor. 10. David Bowie The Thin White Duke has […]


10 Comedians Who Are Also Musical Geniuses

It’s just not fair – not only are the comedians in this feature funny, they’re also good musicians as well? In honor of this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! guest, Andy Dick – a hilarious stand up with serious musical chops (watch him perform an improvised song with Reggie Watts) – here’s a list of 10 […]


10 Best Hardass Movie Dads

Catch Billy Madison tonight on IFC at 8PM and 11PM EST.


10 Coolest Fictional Video Games

With Gamer airing on IFC tonight at 8/7c, we thought it might be dope to revisit other imaginary video games, most of which are a little less murderous. 10. Arcade – Arcade Albert Pyun’s 1993 horror film Arcade had an unimaginatively-named video game that entrapped losers in a CGI hellworld. 9. The Bishop Of Battle […]


10 Weirdest Serial Killer Calling Cards

Catch Red Dragon tonight on IFC at 11/10c.


10 Most Brutal Brawls in Movies

When there’s asses to kick, Hollywood does it up right. In honor of the brawl-filled The Warriors – which airs tonight at 8/7c, followed by Scarface – let’s take a trip through film history to showcase the nastiest brawls in movie history. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGERY 1. From Russia with Love Daniel Craig’s Bond wasn’t the […]


7 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is the featured guest on Comedy Bang! Bang! this Friday at 10/9c, so we decided to give her a warm welcome with seven reasons why we’re thankful she exists. 1. Idle Hands Was Almost 15 Years Ago Jessica Alba first hit our radar with the 1999 horror-comedy Idle Hands, where she played the […]


10 Worst Vacations in Movies

Catch Hostel and Hostel: Part II on Saturday, Oct. 26 starting at 8/7c.