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K Thor Jensen


Think Awards Season Is Over? Not Quite! Here’s What’s Left

Sure, the big ceremonies have come and gone but awards season is just getting started. Here’s a guide to the lesser-known awards shows that still have statues to hand out. 3/12 – BAFTA Games Awards The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has spread out to other media as well, and their 2014 games […]


Freddy’s 10 Best One-Liners in Nightmare on Elm Street

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11 Smartest Women in Comedy Right Now

You need to have a brain to make people laugh. In no particular order, here are eleven funny women who also rock high IQs. 11. Amy Poehler SNL veteran Amy Poehler is Michelle Obama’s best friend, which is pretty amazing, and she’s been adamant about using her funnybone to uplift humanity. Beyond just comedy, Amy […]


The 10 Best Nerdy Dance Scenes Ever Filmed

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11 Most Famous Celebrity Recluses

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10 The Wire Stars Who Are Killing It Right Now

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20 Awesomely Absurd TV and Movie Gimmicks

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10 Movies That Sparked Incredibly Viral Memes

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9 Stars You Never Knew Appeared in Video Games

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The 10 Most Eccentric Millionaires in Movies

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