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K Thor Jensen


The 10 Biggest Movie Explosions of All Time

It’s time to turn up the heat, and what better way to do so than with a massive ball of all-consuming fire? Here are the 10 biggest and best booms ever filmed.


The 11 Most Annoying Kids in Movies & TV

With Scott and Reggie getting a new boss from the sub-tween set on this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang!, we thought it might be apt to throw a little shade on other awful youngsters…


The 10 Most Disgusting Aliens in Movies

Space: it’s gross.


The 7 Funniest Vin Diesel Moments of All Time

Vin Diesel is an interesting dude. He’s never seemed to be taking his fame all that seriously, as his hijinks on social media demonstrate.


The 10 Most Unlikely Prison Escapes in Movies

In honor of the ultimate prison flick The Shawshank Redemption – airing Sun, June 8 at 8p on IFC – let’s take a look at the 10 least plausible prison breaks ever filmed.


8 Surprising Facts About the Alien Series

We’re celebrating the 35th anniversary of Ridley Scott’s legendary Alien, and the franchise it spawned is one of sci-fi’s most enduring.


9 Things You Never Knew About The Shawshank Redemption

Frank Darabont’s 1994 drama, based on a Stephen King novel, is one of the most critically acclaimed prison movies of all time. But there was a lot of interesting stuff…


13 Most Disgusting Horror Movie Moments

Horror flicks rely on a number of weapons to freak us out – shock, suspense, and the good old-fashioned grossout. In this feature, we’ll share 13 of the most disgusting scenes ever.


10 Best Lines From Napoleon Dynamite

Jared and Jerusha Hess met at Brigham Young University, where they wrote their smash hit Napoleon Dynamite and watched a $400,000 indie flick become a worldwide sensation. Much of the credit goes to the flick’s unforgettable dialogue…


7 Things You Never Knew About The Perfect Storm

Wolfgang Petersen’s nautical disaster drama is based on a true story – we all know that. But there are tales that remain untold about the massive 1991 nor’easter, and here are 7 of them.