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Cher Martinetti

Tenacious D

15 Greatest Tenacious D Songs

There’s so much rock in this list, it should be illegal.


The Lonely Island’s 10 Most Underrated Songs

We all love “Dick in a Box.” But have you heard these Lonely Island gems?

Bill Murray Rock the Kasbah

Watch Bill Murray’s Epic Performance of ‘Smoke on the Water’ in Rock the Kasbah Trailer

Bill Murray is back in a wild new rock comedy.

A Deadly Adoption  Official Teaser Trailer

See What Happens When Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig Adopt a Baby

Before they star in The Spoils Before Dying, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig are catching some (deadly) baby fever.


Women Don’t Understand Goodfellas? Don’t Make Us Laugh

The NY Post says that women can’t appreciate Goodfellas. Our writer says, “Appreciate this!”


10 Super-Twisted Maria Bamford Jokes

Catch Maria Bamford on Maron tonight 10P.


This Jurassic World Fan Theory Is So Crazy It Just Might Be True

Does this fan theory explain the origins of Chris Pratt’s character?


Doogie Howser Reboot Turns Kid Doc Into Millenial Monster

Doogie Howser is back in the era of WebMD.


Whoa! Horrormeister Eli Roth Is Directing a Live Reading of Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Hey bud, Fast Times is getting a live stage reading.


Marvel’s Tiniest Superhero Gets Fighting Lessons in New Ant-Man TV Spot

Marvel’s smallest hero packs a punch in the new Ant-Man TV spot.