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Ben Cochran


Xmas Miracles You’ll See At Joe’s Pub

Joe’s Pub Presents: A Holiday Special premieres Wednesday December 21 at 10p on IFC.


Every Guest Star In The New Season of Portlandia

Every guest star from the new season of Portlandia.


New Portlandia For Even Happier Holidays

A taste of Portlandia before the series returns January 5 at 10P.


Stan Against Evil Gets a Second Season and More Demons

Stan Against Evil returns in 2017 for more gore, action, and comedy.


Two New Series Come To IFC’s Comedy Crib

The Mirror and Quirks make their debut on IFC’s Comedy Crib.


Make The Holidays ’80s Again With Joe’s Pub

Enjoy the holiday cheer Wednesday December 21 at 10P on IFC.


The Four-Day Sweatsgiving Weekend On IFC

This long holiday weekend is your time to gobble gobble gobble and give heartfelt thanks—thanks for the comfort and forgiveness of sweatpants. Because when it comes right down to it, there’s nothing more wholesome and American than stuffing yourself stupid and spending endless hours in front of the TV in your softest of softests. So […]


Shocking Behind-the-Scenes Reveals From Portlandia

Watch the new season of Portlandia starting January 5th on IFC.


The Wicked Halloween Sneak Preview of Stan Against Evil

On Wednesday November 2, Stan Against Evil, starring John C. McGinley, premieres on IFC with back-to-back episodes. But unless you are living under the world’s largest rock, you can watch the premiere right now. It’s literally everywhere IFC is. Literally. Not figuratively. It’s Online Check. It’s right here, along with some solid show details and […]

Documentary Now! Robert Evans Mansion

Everything You Need To Know About “Mr. Runner Up” Inspiration Robert Evans

Infamous Hollywood producer Robert Evans gets a Doc Now twist.