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Tim Grierson


The To Do List Review: Pretty Raunchy, Only Kinda Funny

Aubrey Plaza struts her stuff in this R-rated sex comedy. But the movie isn’t as outrageous as it pretends to be.


Bomb Squad: Why Did R.I.P.D. Tank?

Welcome to “Bomb Squad,” a recurring column that takes a closer look at a movie that tanked at the box office and tries to figure out what happened. From the outset, R.I.P.D. held some promise. Starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, and based on a Dark Horse comic book, the film was being positioned as […]


Comedy Calendar: Your July Movie Options

Michael Cera gets stoned, Kevin Hart’s standup goes big-screen, and Adam Sandler reunites with his “Grown Ups” buddies. Those are just some of July’s movie highlights.


5 Comedies That Make the Apocalypse Seem Funny

Worried about the apocalypse? Don’t be. In honor of “This Is the End,” here are five other films that find humor in doomsday.


Comedy Calendar: Your June Movie Options

The apocalypse comes to Los Angeles, the “Wedding Crashers” crew work at Google, and Shakespeare gets a modern redo. Those are just some of June’s movie highlights.


“The Kings of Summer” review: a sweet but forgettable teen comedy

The Sundance hit about three outcasts who run away from home may be more likable than other recent teen laughers, but it sure is predictable.


10 great comedies that premiered at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival is known for its challenging, gripping dramas, but over its history it’s also played host to some excellent comedies.


Bomb Squad: Why Did “Peeples” Tank?

A family comedy produced by Tyler Perry starring Craig Robinson? Sounds like the makings of a hit — so how come “Peeples” sank without a trace at the box office?


Bomb Squad: Why Did “Scary Movie 5” Tank?

The “Scary Movie” series was one of the biggest comedy franchises of the 2000s. But now that “Scary Movie 5” underperformed, who’s to blame?


SNL Sketch Showdown: Wayne’s World vs. More Cowbell

The finals are here! It’s time to determine the greatest “SNL” sketch of all time.