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Todd Gilchrist

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall

Shelf Life: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Total Recall”

With the reboot out this week, we look at whether the Paul Verhoeven sci-fi classic still holds up.


“Klown” stars Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam talk comedy, fatherhood and being big in Denmark

“Klown” is available now on VOD, iTunes and in select theaters.

Tig Notaro

Professor Blastoff host Tig Notaro talks podcast inspiration and using listeners as guests

The popular podcast host and comedienne talks to IFC about her weekly comedy series.

The Sklar Brothers

The “Sklarbro Country” siblings talk comedy podcasting, their fans and using sports as metaphor

There’s a reason that people use so many sports references in their daily lives: it’s a world full of analogies and metaphors which apply to countless situations having nothing to do with balls, bats, or nets. And it’s precisely that universality which Randy and Jason Sklar have capitalized upon in their weekly podcast, “Sklarbro Country,” […]

Harold and Maude

Shelf Life: “Harold and Maude”

Does the whimsically romantic ’70s film still hold up?

Comedian Ralphie May

Comedian Ralphie May on politics, race and the present-day reality of America

It’s easy to look at comedians and think they’re always joking – a wisecrack a minute, a witty observation tossed out almost constantly. But the essence of comedy is human truth, and a lot of that truth is serious business – especially if you’re talking to Ralphie May. Speaking to IFC about his new comedy […]

Matthew McConaughey in "Dazed and Confused"

Shelf Life: Richard Linklater’s “Dazed and Confused”

Today, Richard Linklater’s latest film “Bernie” arrives in theaters. It’s the director’s fifteenth feature film – at least since “Slackers” made a national splash in 1991 – and he, like a number of other filmmakers who emerged in the early ‘90s, has enjoyed more of a flirtation with mainstream moviemaking than a full-fledged relationship. But […]

"American Pie" cast

Shelf Life: “American Pie”

Although it’s essentially codified in the very existence of this column, there are many, many movies which mean something incredibly important to us at one point in our lives, and something entirely different later on. And with few exceptions, I’ve personally been able either to persevere in my affection through all logic and rationality of […]


Catching up with 2012 Subway Fresh Artists finalist Gregory Williamson from “Frat House Musical”

Suffice it to say that collaboration is an important of any kind of filmmaking. But for his entry in the SUBWAY Fresh Artists™ Filmmaker Series, “Frat House Musical,” producer Gregory Williamson discovered not only how essential a part of the process that it is, but how much it can actually strengthen the end result. Williamson […]


Catching up with 2012 Subway Fresh Artists finalist Sarah Streicher from “The Ultimates”

Corporate sponsorship can be a tricky thing to take on for a struggling artist; there’s always a quandary whether the opportunities some one will have because of it are worth the credibility that it might cost him or her. But Sarah Streicher came up with a terrifically inventive way to, pun intended, incorporate that idea […]