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Sarah Pesin

Party the Day Away at SXSW

You may have noticed an influx of hipsters leaving your town and heading for the nearest airport, because as of this Wednesday, the music portion of the South by Southwest festival begins. For those looking not to spend any money, the free day parties are really where the most fun takes place, and not only […]

A Potpourri Post of Musical Goodness

I’m a hustla baby (I just want you to know), but I don’t hustle women, I hustle music. I’ve finally come to accept that I’m one of those annoying people who pushes music on friends, whether they want to hear it or not. (left: You will be a fan of Mystery Jets whether you like […]

Never Too Early For SXSW

As the New Year sets in and winter continues to rear its ugly head, the only way to get through these dark months is to look towards the future of spring, sunshine, and more importantly, South by Southwest. The wheels are already set in motion for this year’s festival and the first crop of bands […]

Illinois’ Third Chapter

It seems that Mr. Indie Ear’s favorite band to talk about is the Beastie Boys, and if anyone knows him, that makes complete sense. For me, it appears that Illinois are the band to talk about. I believe this is my third post about that quirky foursome. But to be fair, there’s always much to […]

’08 WAS GREAT!: Top 5 Shows

Another day, another dollar. Does that phrase work for the whole year? Another year, another $365. Doesn’t have the same ring to it. Ah well, another year has come and gone and probably most of us don’t even have $365 to show for it. But with the bad comes the good. Let’s not forget all […]

LIVE: Illinois, The Heavy

“Remember, remember the 5th of November.” Who said that? V for Vendetta? No, no, that was just the movie based on Guy Fawkes! For those of you who don’t know, every 5th of November, those across the pond in Britain celebrate bonfire night with fireworks and a great party. Because I aspire to be British […]

My Day With The Kooks

It’s always good fun when four incredibly skinny, pasty white, adorable British boys come across the pond to serenade you (well, technically not you, but 3000+ fans) with tunes from their incredibly successful sophomore album, Konk, along with all the hits off their debut album. What’s even more fun is when you get to see […]

IT’S LIKE THAT: Camel Joe Hoarding Tickets in his Hump

There’s no doubt about it that the music industry is riddled with corporate sponsorships, which when used correctly can produce great results. Just look at South by Southwest, which is the ultimate example of the union between corporate sponsorships and music. SXSW would be unable to survive without the help from well-known companies, and to […]

LIVE: The Cribs

Thursday, March 20 New York, NY The Music Hall of Williamsburg Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh! I’ve seen The Cribs many times these past few years but last night’s show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg (i.e. North Six) was in a category all its own. Literally the crowd was moshing right after the first chord was played by […]

SXSW: The “Dance” Bands

I go to SXSW every year with incredibly high expectations, and surprisingly they are always met. The best thing that SXSW has to offer (besides all the free drinks, food, and goodies) are the bands that you normally would have never heard of, if it weren’t for the festival. It seems that each year, the […]