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Ron Mwangaguhunga


Top Five American Historical Films

In honor of Steven Spielberg’s Academy Award-nominated “Lincoln,” we take a look at the greatest American historical films of all time.


The Five Best Revenge Movies

We take a look at the most ruthless tales of retaliation in cinema history.


The Tragedy of Arnold Schwarzenegger

A look at the peaks and valleys of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Five Reasons We Need a Bane Movie Now

Is the chief villain of “The Dark Knight Rises” worth a standalone movie?


Top Five Time Travel Movies, from Arnold to Willis

Looper, which opened at an over $20 million box office take on its opening weekend, is already being hailed as one of the great time travel movies of all time. Time – pun intended – will tell. What about time travel? The time travel film genre is quite broad, often involving travel to the past […]


Against The Superhero Fatigue Argument

Are audiences experiencing “superhero fatigue”? At the outset it should be noted in passing that this sickness unto death, this alleged superhero fatigue, is a year old argument. That would make it a manageable medical condition, this superhero fatigue. The studios have not, so far as I know, called a halt to all the superhero […]

Rob Zombie on stage

Heavy Metal and Horror

How the rock genre and slashers go hand in hand.


Five cool things about “Prometheus” marketing: A post-mortem

The build-up to “Prometheus,” or, as I like to call it, Geek Christmas, was pretty amazing. The film’s subject is artificial intelligence. The anticipation of the film involves the artful release of trailers and websites which has led, not surprisingly, to much social media conversation, magnifying the impact two months before the release date. In […]

Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon

The five greatest Martial Arts movies

The recent specialty run of The Raid: Redemption, a remake of an Indonesian language martial arts film, calls to mind all the great, hyper-gory kung fu movies that have come before. After viewing, over the years, hundreds of martial arts films – The Boxer from Shantung, which didn’t quite make the list, especially comes to […]


Has the Sacha Baron Cohen shtick jumped the shark?

Has America had enough of the British funnyman?