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Rick Marshall


Jeff Garlin on Improv, Little League, and Dealin’ with Idiots

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star talks about his latest film.


Ron Perlman on getting girlie for “Frankie Go Boom” and his hedonistic “Pacific Rim” character

“I’m probably the ugliest woman of all time,” says Perlman.


“Star Trek Into Darkness” Review: J.J. Abrams’ sequel sets phasers to familiar

Does J.J. Abrams beam up a box-office success with his “Star Trek” sequel?


“Iron Man 3” review: Shane Black gives Marvel’s armored Avenger an upgrade

Tony Stark is back and better than ever in the third installment of the “Iron Man” franchise.


SNL Sketch Showdown: Samurai Delicatessen vs. Consumer Probe

The Blues Brothers battle it out in our latest “SNL” sketch showdown.


SNL Sketch Showdown: Wayne’s World vs. The Festrunk Brothers

We pit the two best duos on “Saturday Night Live” against each other.


“Admission” review: Tina Fey aces college comedy

Tina Fey’s brings comedy back to school for a look at the real cost of a higher education.


“Admission” screenwriter talks higher education, comedy, and writing for Tina Fey

“The chance to write for an extraordinary writer is a huge challenge,” says “Admission” screenwriter Karen Croner.


“Oz The Great And Powerful” review: The yellow-brick road revisited

Sam Raimi brings audiences back to Oz for a colorful, family-friendly prequel adventure.

warm bodies

“Warm Bodies” review: A zombie story with heart… and a lot of brains

Jonathan Levine brings a popular story of zombie-human love to the big screen, and doesn’t shirk on the blood and guts.