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Neil Pedley

Tori Spelling does H.P. Lovecraft, Steve Coogan’s sexy Jesus (photo)

Tori Spelling does H.P. Lovecraft, Steve Coogan’s sexy Jesus

This week finds Shakespeare meeting Sexy Jesus, a crash course in Czech history alongside a totalitarian demolition derby, apocalyptic sea monsters and Fred Durst trying to get in touch with his fuzzy side. “Cthulhu” Director Dan Gildark certainly isn’t lacking for confidence. Whereas most first-time filmmakers would turn to the well-worn territory of twentysomethings and […]

Opening This Week: Jazz living, Asian-influenced horror and Woody Allen

By Neil Pedley With the summer’s end in sight, this week might represent the last hurrah in the name of good fun before the gloomy, Oscar-baiting seriousness of the fall release schedule descends upon us. Woody’s back, there’s a grindhouse/B-movie double header, and in the realm of blockbuster comedy, it’s the wily veteran versus the […]

Opening This Week: DIY art, Philip Roth, the Germs and motorcycle gangs

By Neil Pedley This week’s delectable delights include, amongst other things, such highbrow morsels as a gallery retrospective on D.I.Y. art and a crash course in the history of the California vineyards. If that’s not your cup of proverbial tea, there’s always psychotic bikers and the ballad of two stoned losers on the run from […]

Opening This Week: A doc on beauty culture and an acclaimed Sundance drama

By Neil Pedley This week’s offerings find twilight twenty-somethings longing for love in Los Angeles, “The Mummy” franchise heading East and a gruesome subway slasher trying very hard not to scare people clean out of the theater, at least not before the movie actually starts. “America the Beautiful” At 12, Gerren Taylor was a bright […]

Opening This Week: Docs on teens, tightropes and tradition

By Neil Pedley With blockbusters taking a week off after “The Dark Knight” so thoroughly conquered the box office and its core audience descends upon Comic-Con in San Diego, an outstanding array from the indie scene offers plenty of alternative viewing. “American Teen” Her longtime collaborator Brett Morgen may be out of the picture, but […]

Opening This Week: British gangsters, mock doormen, Lou Reed

By Neil Pedley This week sees the opening of “The Dark Knight.” Advance marketing and coverage might have you believe that that, apparently, is all, but there are other films coming out this week well worth your time. (Besides, “The Dark Knight” is totally going to be sold out.) “A Very British Gangster” With Britain […]

Opening This Week: Dot-com days, period magicians, Eddie (sigh) Murphy

By Neil Pedley This week finds the U.S. Army bringing war games to a whole other level, a ’60s sex icon getting an exposé, Ron Perlman returning as the defender of small fluffy kittens everywhere and Eddie Murphy taking cinema egotism to new heights. “August” After the warm reception his first feature “XX/XY” received at […]

Opening This Week: Matthew Broderick, the Gits, Guillaume Canet

By Neil Pedley This 4th of July week finds Will Smith’s belligerent man of steel sending the rest of the summer tentpole movies running scared, leaving only the indies to offer any alternative. “Brutal Massacre” Does the horror genre need its own “This Is Spinal Tap”? Ready or not, here comes “Brutal Massacre,” a mockumentary […]

Opening This Week

By Neil Pedley As the temperature rises, romance blooms amongst the geriatric set, “Mary Poppins” goes Bollywood, and parents will get their first chance to lay eyes on that which will likely have them driving to Toys “R” Us all summer long. “Elsa and Fred” Seeing anyone under 30 fall in love on screen is […]

Opening This Week

By Neil Pedley While Steve Carell and Mike Myers face off at the multiplexes this week, indie theaters fight back with a wide range of quirk, including a meter maid romance, a doc on balloon animals and a horror flick about killer hair extensions. “Brick Lane” “Brick Lane” in London’s East End might be just […]