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Neil Pedley

Opening This Week: Brit horror, high school horror and Kevin Smith

By Neil Pedley Halloween week offsets some of the recent nice with a little bit of nasty that duly chucks the blood around. Kevin Smith’s also back, along with a culture clash rom-com and an eclectic mix of docs. “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father” As anyone who’s seen this documentary […]

Opening This Week: Charlie Kaufman directs, Kristin Scott Thomas speaks French

By Neil Pedley A run-up to Halloween week that’s surprisingly light on the gore gives way to some refreshingly subtle visions of terror, both real and imagined, taking their place alongside some of the award season’s more established heavy hitters. “Changeling” Nothing rings the Oscar bell quite like a Clint Eastwood period drama, and by […]

Opening This Week: Still President Bush get his biopic

By Neil Pedley There’s plenty to be pleased about this week as we get to spend time with both current and future presidents as part of an Ellen Burstyn double bill. There’s also — whisper it — a movie based on a video game that might actually be worth seeing. Not to mention enough titular […]

Opening This Week: A Wong Kar-wai redux, more mumblecore and shaky-cam horror

By Neil Pedley With the fall season’s heavy hitters already starting to make an appearance, this week’s feast of indie offers some calm before the big studio storm. Enjoy it while it lasts. “Ashes of Time Redux” Celebrated Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai gathered together lost and damaged footage to painstakingly rework his only martial […]

Opening This Week: Comedy in the Muslim world, infinite playlists and Jonathan Demme

By Neil Pedley At the multiplex this week, we have some pre-Halloween gothic fancy, films about the two things guaranteed to start a fight in any elevator — religion and politics — and a little music from Nick and Norah and Jonathan Demme’s infinite playlists. “Allah Made Me Funny” When Albert Brooks went looking for […]

Opening This Week: Ladyboys, sex addicts, Spike Lee

By Neil Pedley If the old maxim “What I really want to do is direct” still holds true, this week’s releases confirm that the filmmaking game is more open than ever. Anyone can have a crack at it; actors, teachers, digital artists, preachers. Perhaps you should have a go yourself. Hell, if Paul W.S. Anderson […]

Opening This Week: Ed Harris goes Western, Keira Knightley goes corseted (again)

By Neil Pedley Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen put their signature on an oater, but they’re not the only ones to head west this week — an all-star cast led by Charlize Theron charge into Seattle, Wayne Wang follows the travels of a Chinese scientist visiting his daughter in Spokane, Neil LaBute tries vilifying the […]

Opening This Week: A 9/11 noir, a Flaming Lips film and a Coens comedy

By Neil Pedley Some might be quick to dismiss this week as part of the post-summer lull, but others might see it as a week of films that have been years in the making — it’s been 13 since the now re-paired Robert De Niro and Al Pacino were last on screen together, while Diane […]

Opening This Week: Nic Cage’s new hairpiece, Billy Elliot’s dark side

By Neil Pedley This week’s trip to the multiplex offers a jaunt around the globe where, amongst other things, there’s a case of mistaken ethnicity in Boston, Nic Cage gets another wig fitted in Thailand, there’s whimsy and surrealism in Scotland and Matthew McConaughey is right at home in Malibu, where he might finally have […]

Opening This Week: Vin Diesel saves the world, Takashi Miike goes west

By Neil Pedley This week’s new films include the Western going Eastern, a couple of exotic music docs, Cinderella stories for girls and for boys and Vin Diesel attempting to walk, chew gum and shoot people — all at the same time. “Babylon A.D.” Second chances all around in this stylish cyberpunk romp that sees […]