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Neil Pedley

Opening This Week: Horrorfest, a bridal comedy and the best damn Mexican Mennonite drama ever made

By Neil Pedley There’s a welcome change of pace this week, with nary a Nazi in sight. Character actors go to work both in front of and behind the camera, there’s a white wedding, a black comedy and a bizarre love triangle in Plautdietsch just over the Mexican border. “8 Films to Die For: After […]

Opening This Week: Two more Holocaust dramas

By Neil Pedley After the feast of holiday offerings, there’s but a meager smattering on offer for a New Year nibble. This week brings two brand spanking new holocaust movies for anyone who still has the stomach (after the other four released in past weeks) or as a tasty alternative you can enjoy some bloody […]

Opening This Week: Brad Pitt ages backward, Dustin Hoffman loses his job

By Neil Pedley After a December in which big name stars have been mostly MIA, this holiday week finds Dustin Hoffman getting fired, Brad Pitt getting old and Tom Cruise trying to explain why you really should spend Christmas Day with your family reliving one of the most bloody chapters in recent history. Merry Christmas […]

Opening This Week: A Will Smith weeper, this year’s Cannes winner and Mickey Rourke

By Neil Pedley There’s a noticeably European flavor this week, combined with some good old-fashioned work-a-day miserablism just in time for the holidays. Laurent Cantet’s Palme d’Or-winning doc shows a French school in minor crisis, Mickey Rourke battles his demons and Jim Carrey flails about — all in good festive fun! “The Class” Considering that […]

Opening This Week: Soderbergh’s four-hour biopic, Eastwood’s other movie

By Neil Pedley Things really shift into high gear this week when a bumper crop of award season heavy-hitters and indies stream into theaters, as well as a cadre of movie stars doing what they do best – whether that’s Keanu Reeves acting alien, Clint Eastwood brandishing his trademark scowl, or Benicio Del Toro doing […]

Opening This Week: This year’s ’60s music biopic, Ron Howard’s Oscar bid and one last superhero movie

By Neil Pedley Providing the requisite stopgap between showy Thanksgiving distractions and award season stragglers, female directors and assorted indie debutantes are making a strong showing this week. “The Black Balloon” ‘What’s Eating Elissa Down?’ is the question to ask as the award-winning director of Aussie shorts makes the jump to features with this semi-autobiographical […]

Opening This Week: Long-awaited films from Baz Luhrmann and Gus Van Sant

By Neil Pedley Families heading to the multiplexes post-turkey this Thanksgiving can unbutton those tight belts in the dark after choosing from an eclectic mix of hard-hitting action, sweeping epics and prickly romance. “Australia” Never one to be rushed, director Baz Luhrmann has taken seven years since putting his so-called “red curtain trilogy” to bed […]

Opening This Week: Indie superheroes, teen vampires and Russian shysters

By Neil Pedley Superpowers, real or imagined, along with a bevy of culture clash dominate this week’s offerings. Prince Caspian tries to score big in London, renowned cinematographer Ellen Kuras tells of a family who fled Laos, and a group of vampires run wild in Northern Washington, during the day – the day! “The Betrayal […]

Opening This Week: Mumbai fairytales, Harry Potter fandom and Bond, James Bond

By Neil Pedley There is plenty of (semi)lighthearted fare at the art house this week with Danny Boyle tracking a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” whiz kid in Mumbai, Arnaud Desplechin looking at a family reunion in France and a Bollywood musical playing out in Miami, followed by films that are distinctively more “hardcore,” […]

Opening This Week: Gay zombies, the literal Sundance kid and the Muscles From Brussels

By Neil Pedley Those nursing a Halloween hangover can enjoy a little hair of the dog with some amusing takes on terror, a double bill featuring the greatly missed Bernie Mac and a trio of Fantastic Fest titles coming their way. “The Alphabet Killer” Eliza Dushku reunites with “Wrong Turn” director Rob Schmidt for this […]