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Neil Pedley

Revenge of the Nerd: The Rise of Simon Pegg

By Neil Pedley Last week finally saw the U.S release of the long-delayed directorial debut of David Schwimmer, “Run, Fat Boy, Run,” a comedy about a directionless loser running a marathon to win back the woman he jilted at the altar. While not dreadful, the film hews terribly close to the standard rom-com formula, with […]

Opening This Week

By Neil Pedley This week is something of a nostalgia trip with a period comedy, Freddie Prinze Jr. and a concert documentary about a group of men who, by all the laws of man and nature, should not still be alive and walking around. “The Flight of the Red Balloon” After being nominated for the […]

Opening This Week

By Neil Pedley Apparently, less is more this week, as “Flawless” and “Priceless” both head to the big screen and work from minimalist Alexander Sokurov balances out over-the-top offerings like “Superhero Movie” and “21.” “Alexandra” Russian avant-garde director Alexander Sokurov’s melancholic drama landed itself a Palme D’Or nomination last year at Cannes. Set in a […]

Opening This Week

By Neil Pedley SXSW recently concluded a week-long unveiling of some of the best and brightest new talent that indie film has to offer, but that didn’t deter established players from forging ahead with the fine traditions that have this week brought us an Owen Wilson kiddie comedy, a poker mockumentary and an imitation of […]

Opening This Week

By Neil Pedley This week, our cup runneth over with a “Karate Kid” knockoff, a shot-for-shot remake and more documentaries than Michael Moore can shake an overpriced hot dog at. “Blind Mountain” The recipient of plenty of acclaim at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, director Li Yang has a casual yet immediate style that’s been […]

Opening This Week

By Neil Pedley [Photo: Stephen Chow’s “CJ7,” Sony Pictures Classics, 2008] Still nursing a hangover from a week of drunken rage spent stumbling half-naked through the subways of New York, shouting at strangers and ticket machines about how “Michael Clayton” was robbed for best screenplay, I thought I was back in 2007. After all, there’s […]

Opening This Week

By Neil Pedley The Oscars have passed, the Spirits have been lifted, and the end is nigh for the godawful release graveyard that is the month of February — a cinematic black hole where the discarded and unwanted trudge their way onto a big screen somewhere near you in hopes you might glance at their […]

Opening This Week: “Be Kind Rewind,” “The Counterfeiters,” more.

By Neil Pedley If last week’s avalanche of Valentine’s Day-inspired fare forced you to spend the week alone in your apartment like yours truly — eating ramen noodles in the dark and crying — then take heart. This week is a fresh slate of brand new movies with nary a rom-com in sight. “Be Kind […]

Opening This Week: Children, romance

By Neil Pedley It’s Valentine’s Day week, so there’s a preponderance of three kinds of films coming out: romantic dramas, date movies and flicks for the kids (so the adults can sneak into the first two while their children text message each other and throw chocolate raisins around in the theater next door). “Definitely, Maybe” […]