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Portland’s Five Thingiest Bands

In a city where bands should be considered on the census, for musicians, simply writing good songs isn’t enough. You need to have a Thing. Whether it’s playing toy instruments or making beats from the sound of crying babies or recruiting your cat as a full-fledged member (foreshadowing!), an extra level of ingenuity is required […]

Into the Woods

The Best of Into the Woods

For two years now, Into the Woods has been documenting Portland’s vibrant music culture with the dogged persistence (and technical slickness) of National Geographic. Capturing bands in both their natural and unnatural habitats — at their homes, in fast-food restaurants and, indeed, in the woods — the site acts not just as an index of […]

620-375-cizmar-martin-chubster-before 2

Stuffing Your Face in PDX — The Healthy Way

Martin Cizmar moved to Portland last year as a skinny man. I bring up his weight because 1) he struggled with it for years, 2) he wrote an entire book about losing it, and 3) as a new-ish resident of one of the country’s rising culinary meccas, he’d like to keep it off. In the […]

red fang

New Red Fang Video: “Hank is Dead”

Earlier today on, we premiered the new video from rising Portland dream-pop act Radiation City, which featured the band dragging a beautiful-looking old piano into a field and artfully bashing the ever-loving heck out of it with a sledgehammer. Well, now it’s time for something completely different. In this latest clip from Portland’s bearded […]

Feature Photo

Keep Portland Woolly: The 2012 West Coast Beard and Mustache Championships

Yes, I know this is the blog for “Portlandia,” not “Whisker Wars.” What’s more Portlandian than a big ol’ bushy beard, though? The only thing that comes closest to screaming “I’m from Portland” more is a ridiculous mustache. It’s no surprise, then, that the Crystal Ballroom would be absolutely packed at 3 p.m. on a […]


New Unknown Mortal Orchestra Video: “Thought Ballune”

Portland-based frayed-funk band Unknown Mortal Orchestra knows how to party. Or, at least, directors Jordan Blady and Ryan Knowles know what a typical Portland house party looks like. In this new clip for “Thought Ballune,” a slinkin’-and-slidin’ standout from the group’s excellent 2011 self-titled debut, a dude who looks like your average PDX record store […]

school of rock

Scenes from School of Rock’s Best of Portland Concert

When it comes to music, Portland starts ’em young. In a city with one of the best music scenes in the country, there’s no need to force-feed our youth brainless kiddy music. Why listen to Kidz Bop when Red Fang is playing right down the street? School of Rock certainly agrees. Last Friday at the […]

the woods

Disappearing Portland: R.I.P. The Woods, 2009-2012

On the day Michael Jackson died in 2009, The Woods opened its doors in the Southeast Portland neighborhood of Sellwood. It was a slightly morbid coincidence: Before being repurposed into a concert venue, the building was home—for close to eight decades—to a funeral parlor. That night, however, in between inaugural sets from the Portland Cello […]


“Mixology” Revisited

On last week’s “Portlandia,” we learned just how far Portlanders will travel for a bizarrely obscure cocktail—all the way to the badlands of Los Angeles. Luckily, most of us don’t have to go much further than up the street (or, y’know, to the Pearl) to find a mixed drink you never knew existed because you […]


Apocalypse Whaaa?: Where to spend your Portland Armageddon

As we all know, the world is ending this year. (If Roland Emmerich makes a movie about it, then it must be true.) What the Mayans didn’t tell us is exactly what that means. What specific brand of doom is coming our way? Is the earth going to collapse into a giant sinkhole? Are aliens […]