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mayoral madness

Carrie for Mayor!

It’s March, and you know what that means: Brackets! Lots and lots of brackets. Not just in college basketball, either. Why, over at Bill Simmons’ sports and culture Web site Grantland, they just finished up a tournament to crown the best character from HBO’s “The Wire” (to the surprise of no one, the winner was […]


Tales of Portland Public Transit

In Portland, public transportation is a culture unto itself. I suppose that’s true of all major cities, but it’s especially valid here, in a city considered to have one of the best transit systems in the country. Combine the ease of getting around with the other things that make Portland so Portlandian, and that makes […]


Kid From Portland Calls Out LeBron James

OK, I don’t know if non-hardcore basketball fans will find this video as hilarious as I do, so maybe it requires some context: For years, the highlight of NBA All-Star Weekend was the annual Dunk Contest. It produced such memorable moments as Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins in 1988, 5-foot-7-inch Spud Webb dominating the field […]

Keep Portland Weird

Keep Paris Portland

How many times have you heard Portland referred to as “the Paris of the Northwest”? Oh, never? Well, perhaps it makes sense, then, that the French appear to be nearly as fascinated with Portland as the New York media is. But even Brooklyn hasn’t had a Portland-themed cultural festival (yet, anyway). In April, the Paris-based […]


Yet Another New Unknown Mortal Orchestra Video: “Strangers are Strange”

Just a few weeks ago, Portland-via-New Zealand psyche-breakbeat three-piece Unknown Mortal Orchestra premiered the Lynchian video for “Thought Ballune,” a highlight off its great 2011 self-titled debut. Now, here’s yet another clip for a song off that album. This time around, instead of going in the kooky-creepy direction, the video nods toward ’70s spy films, […]


New YACHT Video: “Shangri-La”

YACHT member and my partner-in-blogging Claire Evans is much too modest to post this herself, so I’ll go ahead and do the honors. Typically, just leaving Portland for Los Angeles — let alone writing a song describing L.A. as utopia — is an offense to Stumptown punishable by death (or, y’know, a stern finger-wag), but […]

oregon theater by todd mecklem

Portland’s Most Ill-Advised Valentine’s Date Spots

(Photo by Todd Mecklem) Hey guys: So, I realize it is pretty late to change any Valentine’s Day plans, but it’s not too late. Especially if you’re planning on taking your date to any of the places I’ve listed below. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with these establishments 364 days out of the year. […]

shit portlanders say

S#!@ Portlanders Say

Yeah, yeah. I know I’m a couple days late with this. But Portland itself was disturbingly late jumping on the “Ish People Say” meme, anyway. Seriously, I thought we’d be one of the first cities to produce one of these videos. Now we’re about a month behind. I guess we’re not as hip as we […]


Q&A: Jason Simms of English, baby!

It’s often said that English is the hardest language to learn. A classroom setting can only teach so much; Portland-based instructional Web site English, baby! goes beyond the typical curriculum, teaching non-native speakers the way Americans really converse. Among other methods, the site employs celebrities — particularly NBA players, but also musicians like Sheryl Crow […]


Barack Obama ❤ Portland Music

Earlier today, Barack Obama’s reelection team unveiled the campaign’s official playlist — that is, the songs that will be used to (literally) drum up support for the president at rallies and other big events. It’s a predictable mix of new and old, rock and soul, country and pop, with a questionable abundance of Darius Rucker, […]