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Michelle Orange

Natasha Lyonne’s Resident “Evil”  (photo)

Natasha Lyonne’s Resident “Evil”

President Obama may know that Lindsay Lohan is in the clink, but although Natasha Lyonne says her heart goes out to the blighted actress, she is trying not to think about it. Five years after her own meltdown made headlines and was mercilessly picked over by Gawker jackals, she is working, relatively content and a […]

Debra Granik’s “Bone” to Pick (photo)

Debra Granik’s “Bone” to Pick

A rich and unsparing look at the indomitable survival instincts of a teenage girl in one of America’s most blighted regions, “Winter’s Bone” stunned audiences during its Sundance debut, taking home the Grand Jury Prize for drama. Part cultural study and part clannish thriller, it focuses on the week in which 17-year-old Ree (Jennifer Lawrence) […]

The Naughts: The Actress of the ’00s (photo)

The Naughts: The Actress of the ’00s

If time is an avenger, then the Naughts have had it both ways with Nicole Kidman. In the span of a decade, Kidman was transformed from arm candy into an artist — the rare movie star who made genuinely interesting choices — eclipsing her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, who filed for divorce in 2000, with an […]

Few Spare Moments for Juliette Binoche (photo)

Few Spare Moments for Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche doesn’t have a lot of time. This is impressed on me over successive days leading up to an interview scheduled with much difficulty. Were there an American equivalent to Ms. Binoche, who turned 45 this summer, I’d imagine her with hours and perhaps even months to spare, as she waits out the Hollywood […]

The Delightfully Prickly Julian Sands (photo)

The Delightfully Prickly Julian Sands

On the screen, Julian Sands is known for a wide spectrum of roles that make the most of his seemingly contradictory mixture of glowering, antihero intensity and ethereal leading man looks. On the telephone, he presents an equally formidable hybrid: Sands has got delightfully prickly down to an art. The British-born actor, who began his […]

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bollywood (photo)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Bollywood

Although the recent Bollywood strike had an almost immediate impact on distribution and exhibition of Bollywood films around the world, specialized theaters, such as the Eagle Theater in Jackson Heights, Queens, never lost hope. The Eagle, located in the heart of New York City’s Little India, was forced to close in May, as the stream […]

“Love” Finds Larry Doyle (photo)

“Love” Finds Larry Doyle

Inspired by writers like Woody Allen and Donald Barthelme, Larry Doyle began his writing career with humor pieces for the New Yorker and then moved into television, where he wrote for “Beavis and Butthead” and “The Simpsons.” He also started scripting film, among them “Looney Tunes: Back in Action” and “Duplex.” Doyle estimates that for […]

Looking Back at “Dont Look Back” (photo)

Looking Back at “Dont Look Back”

Watch the world premiere of the latest Bob Dylan music video, “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’,” exclusively at As if capturing a momentous period in Bob Dylan’s career and crafting one of the best and earliest examples of a major cinematic movement — cinema vérité — with “Dont Look Back” weren’t monumental achievements enough, D.A. […]

10 Brief Blasts of Radiohead in Pop Culture (photo)

10 Brief Blasts of Radiohead in Pop Culture

[This article is part of our Radiohead Fanatic Fortnight — check out our box set giveaway here.] As this week’s earlier list illustrates, Radiohead’s music has inspired a number of videos shot with the artistry of a short film. Something about the band’s dramatic, intensely emotional sound calls out to the screen, and a number […]

The Sneak Song-and-Dance: Musical Scenes in Non-Musicals (photo)

The Sneak Song-and-Dance: Musical Scenes in Non-Musicals

As anyone who sat through this year’s Oscars knows, according to Hugh Jackman, Beyoncé, and, well, that chick from “Mamma Mia!”, musicals are back. It’s a somewhat desperate refrain we’ve been hearing for almost a decade now, one that began with the success of “Moulin Rouge” in 2000. Since then, we’ve had “Chicago,” “Dancer in […]