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Lisa Rosman

“Breaking Upwards” and “The Greatest” Explore Young Love’s Doldrums (photo)

“Breaking Upwards” and “The Greatest” Explore Young Love’s Doldrums

Now is the early spring of our discontent. Every year around this time, many of the films clotting theaters are the indies no one thinks will secure an Oscar nomination or the big-budget features studios don’t have the faith will score sweet summer box-office numbers. Admittedly, these movies can turn out to be real gems […]

What Lies Beneath (photo)

What Lies Beneath

With its embrace of genre and slick production values, “Chloe” represents director Atom Egoyan (“The Sweet Hereafter”) and screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson’s (“Secretary” and “Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus”) most mainstream efforts to date. Cue the “not there’s anything wrong with that.” In fact, in many ways this chilly romantic thriller does provide […]

Not All Tomboys Are Created Equal (photo)

Not All Tomboys Are Created Equal

Anyone who believes progress is linear need only look at the history of women on film — especially the tomboy. Fierce and independent, the tomboy has always proved an ideal symbol of female power, a term I can scarcely invoke for fear of sounding outrĂ© these days. Whether gay or straight, she’s the kind of […]

Of Teens and Men (photo)

Of Teens and Men

Late adolescence has always been the stuff of which movies are made. It’s not just the poreless skin and nubile limbs but the high voltage of early adulthood that naturally lend themselves to cinema — which is why is the films that fetishize the flat affect of their young subjects (think “Juno,” “Nick and Norah’s […]

Embracing Convention (photo)

Embracing Convention

It’s unfair, perhaps, but inevitable that every cop movie made post-“Wire” draws comparison to the now-legendary HBO series, just as it’s unfair and inevitable that every one of them falls short. Arguably the best show to ever grace television screens, “The Wire” set a new bar for subtle, taut explication that both challenged and rewarded […]