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Jennifer Vineyard


Simon Pegg Has a Goth Flashback

Simon Pegg plays a middle-aged goth who can’t let go of his past in The World’s End, which is why he drags his old friends on a nostalgic pub crawl. Playing Gary King was Pegg’s own nostalgic trip, though, because he actually was a goth in his youth, too. “I never dyed my hair black […]


Paul Rudd Just Can’t Leave Anchorman 2 Behind

Paul Rudd can’t let go of his Anchorman 2 hair. The actor displayed his new ‘do at the Cinema Society premiere for his most recent film Prince Avalanche (out August 9), and explained to IFC why he kept growing it even after Anchorman 2 wrapped. “I hold on to these things, because it’s kind of […]


Jason Sudeikis Will Always Haunt SNL

Jason Sudeikis may have left Saturday Night Live to focus on his movie career — which includes this week’s We’re the Millers — but he doesn’t think he’s done with the sketch comedy show just yet. As he told IFC at the New York premiere, no one ever really leaves, considering how often Kristen Wiig, […]


10 Genius Demetri Martin Jokes

Demetri Martin wants it all. Who doesn’t!? Martin is already a winning stand-up, actor, he’s in the new Lake Bell flick In A World ( opening today). Now he tells IFC that what he really wants is to write movies. “Comedy is like a carbohydrate, but it’s like refined sugar,” he told IFC. “If you […]


Guys of The To Do List on Losing Their Virginity

Scott Porter once walked into a room of female coworkers who were in the middle of a conversation that confused him. “They were saying something about a ‘dirty bathroom floor,’ and I was like, ‘What the fuck does that mean?’” he recalled, laughing. “And then one of them said, ‘Dirty bathroom floor, go!’ and another […]


Maggie Carey Talks Dirty About The To Do List

For every movie about a guy’s quest to lose his virginity, there’s a girl’s story left untold — but The To Do List has that on the top of its list to remedy. Our heroine, Brandy Klark, played with much aplomb by Aubrey Plaza, is her graduating high school class’ valedictorian, but she has a […]


Nat Faxon and Jim Rash on the Story Behind The Way, Way Back

The writing/directing team talk to IFC about their coming-of-age comedy.


“Arrested Development” casting director describes how the Bluth family came to be

Marcia DeBonis tells IFC how Will Arnett was considered for Michael Bluth and more.


Ken Jeong talks stunts, breaking tropes and the evolution of Mr. Chow in “The Hangover 3”

“When actors talk about taking themselves out of their comfort zones to do a part, that was me,” says Jeong.


Olga Kurylenko talks “Oblivion,” “To The Wonder,” and “Erased”

The actress spoke to IFC about her recent, high-profile projects.