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Jim Shearer

LIKE IT?  LOVE IT?  HATE IT? (photo)


Bay area-based Hawnay Troof–think of his sound as a potpourri of dance-punk, electro-noise-rock, and indie-hip-hop (he’s also buddies with Peaches and members of No Age and Deerhoof, which should help clue you in on his affinity for crossing genre lines)–recently debuted his latest music video, “Underneath the Ocean,” off his album Islands of Ayle (directed […]

LIVE:  Mr. Lif (photo)

LIVE: Mr. Lif

I’ve been to my fair share of “underground” hip-hop shows, and a fair share of them usually play out the same way: MC squats a spot in the middle of the stage, wraps mic cord around his/her wrist, furiously rhymes (while rarely leaving their middle of the stage position), and curiously forgets one of the […]

MIXTAPE:  Easter (photo)


Two Indie Ear mixtapes in one week? You must be thinking this is Christmas, right? Close (especially if you’re gauging in terms of Christian holidays with religious significance).

MUSIC FLICKS:  Anvil! The Story of Anvil (photo)

MUSIC FLICKS: Anvil! The Story of Anvil

Ever see the movie about the legendary metal band that gives unprecedented access into their personal lives? The one where a whole bunch of good ol’ fashion drama unfolds as they work on their latest album? Nope. I’m not talking about Metallica’s Some Kind Of Monster.

Stellastarr* Get Civilized

Stellastarr*, maybe the greatest group in music with an asterisk in their name (that’s right, did I stutter *NSYNC?), announced that they will be releasing their third studio album, Civilized, on July 7 (via their own Bloated Wife Records).

10RW:  Henry’s Got It (photo)

10RW: Henry’s Got It

Henry isn’t a certified YouTube star (yet), but he’s on his way. Logging six digits worth of views ain’t a bad place to start, and once he goes seven (if you’re good at math you’ll know that’s at least a million) lil’ Henry will be on the same path as “Shoes” and “What What“, and […]

Fred Armisen Gets His (photo)

Fred Armisen Gets His

Just in time for Easter, Man Man have released a brand new music video for their song, “Rabbit Habits.” The clip, directed by Lex Halaby and starring SNL’s Fred Armisen and “Knocked Up”‘s Charlyne Yi, has nothing to do with rabbits (although one is served in a waffle cone) and everything to do with werewolves.

LISTS:  Top 10 Nirvana Moments (photo)

LISTS: Top 10 Nirvana Moments

Fifteen years ago today, with a suicide note and a shotgun by his side, Kurt Cobain’s dead body was found in his Seattle home. A coroner’s report suggested that Cobain had taken his life a few days earlier–probably on April 5. At the age of 27 Cobain had musically achieved beyond his wildest dreams (do […]

INDIE EAR MADNESS ’09:  National Championship (photo)

INDIE EAR MADNESS ’09: National Championship

Three weeks ago, Indie Ear Madness ’09 began with 64 of the best indie-minded/respected bands in the land. After some fierce and furious competition, TV On The Radio and The Bouncing Souls were the only two acts left standing. Last night they went head to head, competing not only for the 2009 National Championship, but […]

SUPER TUESDAY:  New Album Releases (April 7) (photo)

SUPER TUESDAY: New Album Releases (April 7)

Whew, what a day for new releases! Bat For Lashes drops her sophomore album, Neil Young rocks out, The Thermals get a new drummer and record label, Bob Mould shows some impressive productivity, the “big midget” leaves Def Jam in the dust, and The Veils get inspiration from the Sooner State: