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Jim Shearer

Monday Morning Coachella-Quarterback (photo)

Monday Morning Coachella-Quarterback

Did you miss the 10th annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this weekend–the unofficial kickoff to the U.S. summer festival season? Don’t worry, I did too. Fortunately, the masses brought their cellphone cameras and camera-cameras and other recording devices to capture the action we missed:

Moby and David Lynch Are Homies (photo)

Moby and David Lynch Are Homies

Besides a few well-written journal posts on his website announcing the release date of his new album, Wait For Me (June 30), Moby also made available a free download of the lead single from his album, “Shot In The Back Of The Head,” as well as a download of the video–which was directed by David […]

MUSIC FLICKS:  Wayne’s World (photo)

MUSIC FLICKS: Wayne’s World

Last week, Lips and Rob, of the underappreciated–yet highly influential–metal band, Anvil, got their day in the spotlight when the documentary, Anvil! The Story of Anvil, received rave reviews from various media outlets (the movie may also help score them a record deal). The last time two jean-jacket-wearin’, hard-rock-lovin’ buddies received this much attention from […]

You Know Your Band Has Made It When… (photo)

You Know Your Band Has Made It When…

Like many other music-minded New Yorkers, I’m in a band. I do it mostly for fun, but, yes, there are some afternoons where I daydream of selling out an arena show, leaping into an adoring crowd, and being passed around from the floor all the way to the upper-deck seats in section 808?

Gimme Some of That Midwest, Underground Hip-Hop (photo)

Gimme Some of That Midwest, Underground Hip-Hop

Hip-hop was born in the Bronx, years later some said that the West Coast was the “best coast”, and others could argue that the Dirty South made the most impressive mark on hip-hop in the 2000’s. Not to be outdone, Rhymesayers Entertainment–the Minneapolis-based label run by Slug of Atmosphere–is representing the Midwest with its underground […]

Conor Oberst Donates A Film (Watch It Now) (photo)

Conor Oberst Donates A Film (Watch It Now)

Today, Conor Oberst and his Mystic Valley Band, have released their brand new documentary, One Of My Kind, which is being presented by Causecast (where you can watch and download the film for free).

MIXTAPE:  Tax Day (photo)


I know I’ve been going crazy with these mixtapes lately, but I couldn’t resist dropping one on Tax Day. If you’re franticly rushing around trying to finish your tax return, let this playlist of songs bring down your stress levels (take a deep breath, everything’s gonna be okay):

IT’S LIKE THAT: Eulogy For the Virgin Megastore

Losing a record store is a difficult thing to go through, even ones founded by an eccentric billionaire. Yes, the Virgin Megastore lacked the ma-and-pa charm of an independent record store (if you couldn’t tell from the latter part of its name)–the ones operated by college drop-outs, who know everything about anything and diligently hand-print […]

LISTS:  Best Uniforms In Music (photo)

LISTS: Best Uniforms In Music

I love uniforms–doesn’t matter if we’re talkin’ school, work, or sports! Go ahead, ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you that not only have I saved every uniform from every fast food place where I’ve worked, but at the beginning of every sports season I can tell you what stripe, outline, or font […]

SUPER TUESDAY:  New Album Releases (April 14) (photo)

SUPER TUESDAY: New Album Releases (April 14)

Silversun sells Swoons down by the seashore, Jill Sobule’s fans do her a solid, Beck kicks it old school, Pastor Troy wants to be felt or killed, Medeski, Martin & Wood complete two-thirds of their trilogy, and buy just about every Metallica song ever made for a hundred bucks: