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All the paints in the paint box: John Cameron Mitchell on “Shortbus”

By Dan Persons IFC News [Photo: ThinkFilm, 2006] Into a desert of retrograde Puritanism and institutional denial, director John Cameron Mitchell (who made his directorial debut with 2001’s “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”) posits “Shortbus,” a New York-based oasis/salon where a Bush-fatigued populace can converge for art, music, conversation, and, oh yeah, unbridled sex. Into […]

Everything You Need to Know About the New York Film Festival

By Matt Singer and Alison Willmore IFC News [Photo: David Lynch’s “Inland Empire,” Studio Canal, 2006] Why should you care about the New York Film Festival? There are some who’d argue you shouldn’t. It’s not a destination festival like Cannes or Sundance, where people premiere their films to the world. It’s not a marketplace like […]

The Sarasota Film Festival: Sun, Fun, and Herzog

By Mark Rabinowitz IFC News I just got back from the 2006 Sarasota Film Festival and boy is my liver tired! I tell you, when they invite you to a festival, they never tell you that you might end up at 5am drinking and smoking in a hotel a room full of gay, lesbian and […]

Betty Crocker — with a Whip: Harron’s “Notorious Bettie Page”

By Michael Scasserra IFC News “The Notorious Bettie Page” documents the heyday of the 1950s most enduring pin-up queen, the all-American gal who began posing for camera clubs, turned bondage into suburban parlor play, became the subject of Congressional hearings — and was rediscovered three decades later as a pop icon of the highest order. […]

Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page on the Sweet Revenge of “Hard Candy”

By Michael Scasserra IFC News “How do you wipe chocolate off a 14-year-old girl’s mouth?” That’s one of the tougher questions that all-American leading man Patrick Wilson had to struggle with when he took on the role of pedophile Jeff Kohlver in “Hard Candy,” an unnerving, completely riveting psychological thriller cast in the mold of […]

“Baraka,” “Brothels,” and What Doc Makers Owe

By Frank Rinaldi IFC News Last month, the Academy released its short list of potential nominees for this year’s Best Feature Length Documentary award. Included was filmmakers’ Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s buzz-garnering “The Boys of Baraka,” which chronicles the lives of four black boys coming of age in the projects of Baltimore, one of […]

Zombies, Strippers, Senseless Violence Headline This Week’s B-Movie Fest

By Michael P. ScasserraIFC News Looking for something cheap, entertaining and a little sleazy to do this week? (Who isn’t?) Then consider heading to Syracuse, New York, for the 2005 B-Movie Theater Festival, opening April 8 and running through April 14. This celebration of B-movies from around the globe promises a full week of zombies, […]

The New Doc Crop: Surveying the Standouts at Three April Fests

By Jonny Leahan/indieWIRE When it comes to documentary film festivals, April has evolved into a key month, featuring some important festivals around the globe, among them the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in the United States, Hot Docs in Canada, and the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Greece. Since its launch in 1998, the Full Frame […]

The Coolest Film You Never Saw Blasts onto DVD

By Michael Scasserra/IFC News Way back in 2001, we started reading about a hot indie title that sounded right up our alley: a science-fiction-western-musical stuffed with ingenious, low-budget set design, clever low-tech special effects, and lots of alternative rock. The New York Times called “The American Astronaut”: “a tale that evokes Brecht, Beckett and Ed […]