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Seinfeld Apartment

Hulu’s Seinfeld Apartment Recreation Has Everything But Kramer

Now you can finally be master of Jerry’s domain.

Jurassic Park

Watch an Epic Jurassic Park Fan Film Made by Two Kids in 1993

Welcome…to the best Jurassic Park remake of 1993.


The Weirdest Jaws Merchandise Ever Made

Weird and wacky items that make it unsafe to go into shopping aisle.

The Simpsons divorce

Woo hoo! Watch Homer and Marge Deny Divorce Rumors

Homer and Marge respond to the nasty rumors about their 26 seasons of marital bliss.

Blues Brothers

Think You Know The Blues Brothers? Take Our Ultimate Fan Quiz

Test your knowledge on Jake, Elwood and all things Blues.

Ren and Stimpy banned

10 Banned Cartoons You’ve Probably Never Seen

Dexter’s Laboratory was banned? Find out why.


Watch This Before You Plan Your Visit to Jurassic World

Planning a trip to Jurassic World? Listen to these guys.

Twerk Island Lasaya international Kickstarter

10 Ridiculous Failed Movies That Turned To Kickstarter For Funding

How Twerk Island didn’t get Kickstarted is anyone’s guess.

Duckie Pretty in Pink

The 11 Types of Lip Sync Scenes From the Movies

When you can’t sing, you can always fake sing.

Maron Gallery Art

10 Things I Learned From Marc Maron as a Young Comic

Marc Maron, role model?