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The Birthday Boys: “Rock and Roll” Recap

By Tiggi Hello, I am friend to David Ferguson of The Birthday Boys. My name is Tiggi. I have spent many days with the Ferguson family as exchange student. Even I have shared a bathroom with David. Maybe even seeing his boto. Kakaka! I am now back in my homeland of Borivar, where it is […]


The Birthday Boys: Mike Recaps “Catching up on Shows”

By Mike Mitchell If you tuned in to The Birthday Boys episode three, “Catching up on Shows,” this past Friday night, you would have seen a man driven to insanity while trying to clear out his DVR, a paparazzo fighting to get the perfect shot, and a Dad figuring out his priorities with the help […]


The Birthday Boys: Mike Recaps “Goofy Roofers”

By Mike Hanford Not a lot of people know this about me but I love taking vacations. LOVE it. I’m on one right now as a matter of fact. I’m typing this recap from a hammock, swaying in the breeze, listening to the tepid waters of the Pacific lap against this black sands of this […]


The Birthday Boys: Tim Recaps “Paychecks”

By Tim Kalpakis Hi, this is Tim from The Birthday Boys. Those who watched Friday night’s series premiere know that it had a sketch about a garage in it. They may also recall that there was a sketch about a big bomb. But what they may not remember is that the episode included a sketch […]


30 Movies That Are 10 Years Old

Get ready to feel old.


21 Best Movie Companions

1. Romy and Michele from “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly 2. Marty and Doc from “Back To The Future” Photo courtesy of LittleTinyFish/Universal Pictures 3. Evey (Natalie Portman) in “V For Vendetta” Photo courtesy of Tumblr/Warner Bros. Pictures 4. Batman and Robin Photo courtesy of Tumblr/Warner Bros. Pictures 5. […]


The 15 Worst Ways to Die

1. Flesh-eating virus Photo courtesy of The Movies 2. Sinking Ship Photo courtesy of Yahoo 3. Leprosy Photo courtesy of 4. Alien Attack Photo courtesy of Virgin 5. Chainsaw Photo courtesy of Tumblr . 6. Death by Goo Take the above scene from Troll 2. Or, just imagine being engulfed by Slimer from […]


The Definitive Ranking of Orlando Bloom’s Movie Hotness

This is a very important list.


CBB GIF Recap: Anna Kendrick Falls Hard for Scott

1. Anna time travel twerks. Karma is a real pain in the ass. 2. Jack Nicholson watches Comedy Bang! Bang! 3. Ben Schwartz breaks for Jesus. 4. Reggie is de-afro-tated. 5. Scott is on Team Anna. But before the show could begin, Scott and Anna do a vocal warm up. Want the latest news from […]


21 Villains We Couldn’t Help but Root For

Sometimes you just want to see the bad guy win.