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Gene Seymour

All In A Day’s Work (photo)

All In A Day’s Work

Seen one, you’ve seen them all. That may be how you feel about zombie movies, but not me. I’ve been a happy, all-but-credulous consumer of the genre going as far back as the Val Lewton-Jacques Tournier gothic romance “I Walked With a Zombie” through George A. Romero’s epic “Living Dead” cycle of gory, apocalyptic satires […]

Meat Puppetry (photo)

Meat Puppetry

This can’t possibly be the best of weeks for California’s governor. Not only did Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget packages get shot down in flames by the state’s voters, thereby forcing him to make service cuts that can only further brake his bid for higher office, but Friday’s premiere of “Terminator Salvation” threatens to remind its millions […]

Family Values (photo)

Family Values

A chamber piece resolutely devoid of flash and glitter, “Summer Hours” isn’t a film one would have anticipated from the director of such disparate provocations as “Irma Vep,” “Clean,” Demonlover” and “Boarding Gate.” Then again, Olivier Assayas’ new release is subtly provocative in its own right. Its willingness to lay out ideas about art and […]

Space, Balls (photo)

Space, Balls

You walk out of “Star Trek” feeling giddy, airborne and cleansed, if only for a few minutes, of all mundane worries. This is what summer Hollywood movies are expected to do — or at least what’s been expected of them since 1975, when “Jaws”‘s cavalcade of jolly jolts altered the movies’ economic landscape, for better […]

Lone Rangers (photo)

Lone Rangers

Back in the early ’60s, when Sonny Liston ruled boxing and hard bop could still be found on the corner jukebox, just wearing a sharkskin suit could be construed as an act of aggression, passive or otherwise. Sharkskin is the uniform of choice worn by the protagonist of Jim Jarmusch’s alluring, enigmatic “The Limits of […]