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FIX Staff


Upcoming Comedy Bang! Bang! Guests and Their Llama Look-Alikes

Comedy Bang! Bang! returns Thurs, July 9 at 10:30p.


Top 10 Moments of Festival Supreme 2014

Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme returns to Shrine Expo Halls & Grounds on Sat, Oct 10.


Check Out the Cast of IFC’s New Hockey Comedy Benders

The show premieres Thurs, October 1 at 10p.


Think You Know the Jaws Movies? Take Our Quiz and Find Out

How well do you knows Jaws and its sequels? Find out now.


Dame Helen Mirren to Welcome Viewers to IFC’s Documentary Now!

A new comedy created by Fred Armisen, Bill Hader & Seth Meyers. Premieres Thurs, Aug 20 at 10p.


Twitter Is Having a Lot of Fun with #MakeaMovieLazy

Catch Goodfellas tonight on IFC at 8p, following Predator at 5:30p.


The Worst Marvel Comics Movies Ranked from Awful to Horrendous

Ranking the movies Marvel would rather forget.


IFC to Fulfill Gigi’s Bucket List, David Krumholtz’s New Comedy Series

The show will premiere later in 2015.


10 Things You Missed While Watching the New Star Wars Trailer

Also, watch Matthew Mcconaughey react to the trailer in a brilliant mash-up by Oskar Arneson.


15 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Animal House

Join us for Happy Hour Fri, April 10. The day’s special: Animal House at 6p.