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IFC Throwback: Vagina Pillows for Sale

In this week’s IFC Throwback, we meet Candace’s son Robert (Bobby Moynihan), who has come to visit everyone’s least favorite bookstore. In what is undoubtedly Robert’s worst parenting decision of his life, he leaves his newborn at the bookstore while he runs out for some errands, but not before a stimulating conversation with his mother […]


Scott Grills Bill Hader, James Lipton Style

In this week’s new Comedy Bang! Bang!, Scott and Reggie welcome Bill Hader for a no-holds barred interview about his acting resume. Scott channels his inner James Lipton when he asks Hader the tough questions about his work in the seminal film series, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. See the clip below for Hader’s […]


IFC Throwback: Do You Wanna Get Down?

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday we’re bringing back Sex Robot from season four of Whitest Kids U’Know, because as he told us, “He’ll never stooooop.” Watch below to see Sex Robot in action, you may just find him sexing up your town, jail cells, judges and gallows. He’ll take whatever he can get it, […]


She Did What?! More Awards Show Meltdowns

We need to put last week behind us… Or at least behind our behind. Luckily the Internet is filled with pretty damn embarrassing moments from Award Shows Past. Now that we think of it, these cringe-worthy head-banging bust-ups must make losing seem like a good thing. Bret Michaels Gets Bonked At The Tony Awards Why […]


Celebrities to Malaria: “F*ck You”

Name a comedy on TV and chances are there’s an actor from it that has now teamed up with College Humor to raise money in the fight against Malaria. The program, aptly named Malarious, gives donators access to a series of exclusive bits from these actors, many of which look downright malarious.  Watch the PSA […]


CBB Tonight: The Gang Tackles Hot-Button Issues

What happens when satire crosses the line? Tonight on Comedy Bang! Bang! Scott, Reggie, and Andy Richter are joined by political cartoonist Tom Perdy (Mike Hanford), whose smug comments are not welcomed very kindly. See the clip below to see how Scott and Andy react to Perdy’s unique sense of humor. Mike Hanford can be found regularly […]


IFC Throwback: The 90s Are Alive in Portland

In honor of Throwback Thursday, every week we’ll be opening the figurative IFC vault to bring you classic clips from our original series. Our inaugural IFC Throwback features Fred and Carrie from season one of Portlandia discussing the 90s dream that is still attainable in Portland, Oregon. Our 90s dream includes tattoo-ed overweight men in […]