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Claire Evans


Note to Self: Oregon is Awesome

Oregonians don’t have a lot to complain about. With the notable exception of the six months of grey mono-cloud, the state of Oregon provides its residents with ample pleasures, from whale watching to craft beer festivals. In fact, sometimes there’s so much going on that you accidentally let some of the state’s definitive yearly delights […]


Portlandia at the South Pole!

From a Cool Wedding to an even cooler negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit, Portland comedian Mikey Kampmann has done it all.


Hellboy Camp? Man, Portland Kids Have All the Fun…

Portland Kids + Comic Books + Outdoor Survival Training = The Best Summer Camp Ever.


Portland, How Did We Get Here?

At some point Portland went from being a rainy burg to a collective dream of the 90s. Can we place a finger on when (or why) it happened?


Portland: The Science Fiction Capital of America?

Or, it’s frakking awesome here.


Great Portland Records of 2011

No blog, it seems, is complete without a litany of year-end lists on its pages detailing the greatest achievements in music, movies, and pop culture over the past twelve months. Despite the fact that linear time is a drag, and categorizing music into tidy lists is anathema to the sprawling, inclusive energy of the Portland […]


Only in Portland: Alien Nativity Scene

Every once in a while, something comes along in Portland that is so hilariously, patently absurd that it actually makes me squeal with pleasure. Behold, the most delightful thing, the crème de la crème of “Keep Portland Weird,” the sparkling topper on the Christmas tree of the pure, unhinged Portland Id: the alien nativity scene. […]


The Last-Minute Portlandia Holiday Gift Guide

If we’ve learned anything from Portlandia, it’s that mainstream stuff sucks. And that capitalism is only acceptable if it’s used as a tool for supporting local artisans, fair-trade coffee mongers, and feminist bookstores. That said, it can be tricky to shop for a favorite Portlander—or aspiring Portlander—for the holidays, but fear not: we rounded up […]

That’s So Portland (photo)

That’s So Portland

What exactly makes the City of Roses so Portland?

What Are You Lookin’ At? An introduction from blogger Claire Evans (photo)

What Are You Lookin’ At? An introduction from blogger Claire Evans

The new editor of the “Portlandia” blog speaks out.