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Claire Evans


Virgin America Names A New PDX-Themed Plane

As of June 5th, impossibly-trendy airline Virgin America will start routing flights out of impossibly-trendy PDX airport, allowing Portlandians cheap access to the Southland: 99 bucks for a twice-daily nonstop to Los Angeles, or a once-daily nonstop to San Francisco. This may not seem like a big deal, but Portland&#8212despite its global reputation&#8212is still a […]


The People’s Portlandia

A new local project takes on all the little things Portlandia missed.


The Most Portland Thing Ever: Urban Breastfeeding

Have we already come to the final installment of The Most Portland Thing Ever? Yes, but hasn’t it been so much fun? I wish we could have assigned our trusty illustrator Nicole Georges to tackle the hundreds of submissions you guys left in our comment fields, but no single human being can be in charge […]


The Most Portland Thing Ever: Don’t Feed the Ducks

For today’s Most Portland Thing Ever, Nicole Georges illustrates a submission from commenter Edster&#8212a story of what happens when two fundamental building blocks of Portland culture, uptight eco-consciousness and hands-on parenting, collide. Behold: i was 8 months pregnant with my second kid and was trying to squeeze in some quality time with my 3 year […]


The Most Portland Thing Ever: Nude Yoga Edition

Good gracious.


“The Most Portland Thing Ever” Part Two!

A pony at a coffee shop? In Portland, truth is stranger than fiction.


The Results Are In, and “The Most Portland Thing Ever” Is…

Remember earlier this month when we asked you to comment on this blog (and our sister Facebook page) with stories of your Most Portland Ever experiences? In a week, we received well over 400 submissions, which ran the gamut from sordid tales of vegan stripclubbery to hijinks of personal hygiene, from picky vegan bums to […]


This is How Portland Does Valentine’s Day

Hey America, how was your Valentine’s Day? Did you buy your sweetheart a box of chocolates, have a nice dinner, and tuck into some DVDs on the couch? Sounds nice, but it doesn’t hold a candle(lit dinner) to this fantastically Portland act of love-gone-awry. On Valentine’s Day, Portland artist Sarah Johnson decided to deposit an […]


The Portlandia Interview: DJ Douggpound

Doug Lussenhop, a.k.a. DJ Douggpound, is a rare bird in the comedy world: part joke D.J., part real musician, part video editor, writer, performer, and all kinds of amazing on Twitter. He’s the go-to editor for the surrealist comedians Tim & Eric, and has lent his chops to Jon Benjamin Has a Van, Funny or […]


Tell Us Your “Most Portland Thing Ever!”

Thing you’ve witnessed the Most Portland Thing Ever? Tell us about it!