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Bilge Ebiri

Elia Suleiman’s “Time” to Shine  (photo)

Elia Suleiman’s “Time” to Shine

Don’t call Elia Suleiman a Palestinian filmmaker. “It’s a kind of ghettoization, frankly,” says the 50-year-old Nazareth-born director, and he has a point. True, his name often heads lists of filmmakers working in the Middle East — Suleiman’s last two features have both premiered at Cannes to wide acclaim — but his work also displays […]

Isabelle Huppert’s A Vision in “White” (photo)

Isabelle Huppert’s A Vision in “White”

It seems strange that it’s taken this long for Claire Denis and Isabelle Huppert to work together on a film, but whatever the reason, it was worth the wait. Denis’s “White Material,” featuring the legendary actress as a white African farmer who insists on staying in her home even though her war-torn country is descending […]

Chris Morris Talks “Four Lions” (photo)

Chris Morris Talks “Four Lions”

This interview originally ran as part of our coverage of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Infamous in Britain for his shows “The Day Today” (which helped launch the career of Steve Coogan) and “Brass Eye,” British comedy legend Chris Morris is generally regarded as something of a recluse, and rarely gives interviews. Not that he’s […]

Frederick Wiseman’s Bout With “Boxing Gym” (photo)

Frederick Wiseman’s Bout With “Boxing Gym”

Like all of Frederick Wiseman’s films, his latest has a title that seems to say it all: “Boxing Gym” is basically an hour-and-a-half of sights and sounds from an Austin area boxing gym. As usual, though, there’s more going on here. In presenting glimpses of different trainees – be they kids enjoying a fun sport, […]

Werner Herzog on Death, Los Angeles and Avoiding Introspection (photo)

Werner Herzog on Death, Los Angeles and Avoiding Introspection

Presumably, Werner Herzog needs no introduction. Like an atmospheric phenomenon or a law of physics, the German filmmaker has been some kind of constant for over more than four decades of world cinema. That he continues to be a major presence in the world of film — churning out both documentaries and narrative features with […]

Vincent Cassel’s Drive to Be “Enemy #1” (photo)

Vincent Cassel’s Drive to Be “Enemy #1”

It would have been easy for Vincent Cassel to become a glamorous movie star early on in life — as the talented son of the French actor Jean-Pierre Cassel, he could have just waited for the leading man roles to come to him. “There was a path for me early on,” says the 43-year-old actor. […]

Mélanie Laurent’s Grand Performance (photo)

Mélanie Laurent’s Grand Performance

Christoph Waltz may have won the Oscar and Michael Fassbender may have nailed the dry British accent, but to many, the true breakthrough performance of last year’s “Inglourious Basterds” belonged to Mélanie Laurent, who as the beautiful but deadly Shosanna Dreyfus held that film’s revenge narrative together with her hypnotically vengeful blue eyes. Now, the […]

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Rising Star (photo)

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Rising Star

The characters in Nicolas Winding Refn’s films remind one of the famous tale of the scorpion and frog. They’re trapped by compulsive behavior, often against their better natures. A small-time drug dealer in “Pusher” (1996), the director’s breakthrough debut, seems to go further and further into debt the more he tries to pay back a […]

Mia Hansen-Løve Tends to Her “Children” (photo)

Mia Hansen-Løve Tends to Her “Children”

Mia Hansen-Løve may initially seem like an odd person to make a film about the death of a film producer. Although the young actress-cum-director has been intimately involved in the world of cinema since her appearance at the age of 18 in director Olivier Assayas’s “Late August, Early September” (1998) (she even wrote for the […]

Jesse Eisenberg’s on a Roll (photo)

Jesse Eisenberg’s on a Roll

Jesse Eisenberg has cultivated such a distinct onscreen persona over the years — across films as diverse as “Roger Dodger,” “Adventureland,” and “The Squid and the Whale” — that it’s tempting to view each film as the latest entry in a franchise. Yes, the young actor (who, despite often getting cast as a teen, is […]