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Anthony Kaufman

Sites Specific: Can Streaming Save Indie Film? (photo)

Sites Specific: Can Streaming Save Indie Film?

The way we watch movies is changing. And no one knows how, in the not so distant future, cinema’s going to be consumed — especially those independent and art films that are increasingly unloved by the Hollywood distribution system. Multiplexes may not be the place for defiantly indie cinema, but are iPods, Xboxes, laptops and […]

The Look of Being Lost (photo)

The Look of Being Lost

Lucrecia Martel’s hallucinatory new film “The Headless Woman” could just as well be called “The Hazy Woman.” While the film’s protagonist, the middle-aged Vero, appears headless, literally, in several images — with the frame cutting her off at the neck — she’s also shown walking around in a daze, with blurry cinematography providing a visual […]

Werner Herzog on “Rescue Dawn”

By Anthony Kaufman IFC News [Photo: Left, Steve Zahn and Christian Bale in “Rescue Dawn”; below, Werner Herzog, MGM 2007] Werner Herzog: True American patriot? Fans of the New German Cinema maverick may not associate the man behind “Aguirre, Wrath of God,” “Fitzcarraldo” and “Nosferatu” with tales of U.S. military heroism overseas, but “Rescue Dawn,” […]