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Andrea Meyer

Heavenly Menages a Trois

By Andrea Meyer IFC News The other night I watched “Days of Heaven” for the millionth time. An exaggeration, of course, but it is one of my favorite films, and I went through a period when I would watch it every time I was bored or in need of inspiration. With a new print currently […]

New Directors/New Films Never Fails to Please

By Andrea Meyer IFC News Another New Directors/New Films has come and gone. At the annual festival hosted by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the Museum of Modern Art, 25 up-and-coming feature film directors from around the globe screened their darlings for New York, and now they’ve packed up their press notes and […]

Is Colin Farrell Sexy?

By Andrea Meyer IFC News The release of Robert Towne’s Depression-era romance “Ask the Dust” offers the occasion to ponder some burning questions: Namely — what’s the deal with Colin Farrell? Does the generically cute actor with a scoundrel’s smirk and ripped bod have what it takes to be a sex symbol? Can he act […]

What a Girl Wants at Rendez-Vous with French Cinema

By Andrea Meyer IFC News American movies aren’t known for their profound, realistic portraits of female desire. Sure, there’s a scattered few: “Unfaithful” explores a married woman’s irrepressible craving for another man. “The Ice Storm” sensitively showed the emotional ramifications of 70s swinging on a community, especially its women and girls. “Boys Don’t Cry” took […]

The Best of Sundance Sex

By Andrea Meyer IFC News Does anyone else find it funny that the most talked-about sex at Sundance was the kind that didn’t make it to screen? First off there’s the case of the missing sex scene in “Thank You for Smoking.” Apparently footage of Katie “mother of Tom Cruise’s child” Holmes cavorting with Aaron […]

Loving a 30-foot Ape

With the roaring passion of Kong making screens quake, I find myself meditating on the great cinematic tradition of interspecies love affairs. The great films about man — or woman — and beast, locked together in love’s sweet embrace. I’m not talking about Lassie and the boy who pets him or Bobby Joe out back […]

You’re Never Too Old…

By Andrea MeyerIFC News When the newly widowed Mrs. Henderson remarks that she’s bored to tears, her lunch guest Lady Conway suggests taking a lover. “I’m nearly 70,” Mrs. Henderson protests. “But you’re rich,” counters her cheeky friend. “The two cancel each other out.” Unconvinced, Mrs. Henderson settles for the next best thing: a hobby. […]

“Brokeback” Breaks: Why All the Fuss?

By Andrea MeyerIFC News What is left to say about Brokeback Mountain? The so-called “Gay Cowboy Movie” is a shoe-in for the most hyped movie of the year award, spurring the kind of commotion that makes studio publicity departments salivate. Besides nabbing the cover of every rag in the country, evidence of the craze includes […]

Happy & Not-So Happy Hookers

By Andrea MeyerIFC News Movies about prostitutes might not be as old as the profession itself, but there are an awful lot of them. The films range from silly (“The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”) to fairy tale (“Pretty Woman”) to depressing (“Vivre Sa Vie”), with the lovely ladies of the night portrayed as angelic […]

Tribeca 2005: Best of the Fest

By Andrea Meyer/IFC News There were too many movies at the Tribeca Film Festival. In 12 days, it was impossible to scratch the surface of the 250-film program. I did not get to see Most Anticipated Film, Wong Kar-Wai’s “2046,” for example, or a load of others that reliable sources have called worthwhile, such as […]