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Andrea Meyer

What Guys Talk About When They Talk About Girls

Movies about men hanging out shootin’ the shit have a pretty lurid reputation. In those besides, say, “My Dinner With André,” images that spring to mind are road trips, beer bongs, masturbation jokes, togas, carnal encounters with baked goods. And if we’re lucky, a heart-to-heart that reveals that these loud-mouthed louts with nothing but sex […]

Top 5 Reasons to Go to the Newport Film Festival

By Andrea Meyer IFC News Almost a week back from the Newport Film Festival (June 6-11), and I’m still catching up on sleep. Maybe I’m getting old and can’t slam tequila like I used to, but there’s only so much back-to-back movie and party-going that one body can take. It had been much too long […]

The Cast of “A Prairie Home Companion” Has That Feel-Good Feeling

By Andrea Meyer IFC News There’s no mistaking a Robert Altman film. Whether the great director is turning a genre inside out, like he did in “McCabe and Mrs. Miller” or “The Long Goodbye,” or investigating the dark nooks and crannies of a subculture, like Hollywood in “The Player,” a ballet troupe in “The Company” […]

Hope and Despair at the Human Rights Watch Festival

By Andrea Meyer IFC News Everybody’s doc-crazy these days. On the heels of popular nonfiction crowd-pleasers like “Fahrenheit 9/11,” “Super Size Me” and “March of the Penguins,” it’s become clear that documentaries aren’t just for lefty film geeks in Birkenstocks anymore. If that weren’t enough to start a movement, we find ourselves in a highly […]

This year, Brooklyn’s All An “Enigma”

By Andrea Meyer IFC News Throw a beer bottle in New York and there’s a good chance you’ll damage the skull of a filmmaker &#151 or an aspiring one, or a film industry worker-bee, or at least a backseat critic who’s sure he knows movies. That might explain the myriad of film festivals popping up […]

See This Movie, Dammit! “An Inconvenient Truth”

By Andrea Meyer IFC News I’m not really comfortable on a soapbox. But the other night I saw “An Inconvenient Truth,” and here I am — shrieking from the top of a wobbly crate, suds sloshing around my ankles. That’s how important this movie is. As you may have gathered from the current Al Gore […]

Intimate Perfection

By Andrea Meyer IFC News Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao-hsien’s “Three Times” tells three separate love stories in three separate eras — in the years 1966, 1911, and 2005 — starring the same lovely actress and actor, Shu Qi and Chang Chen, to create a triptych of love in all its intricacy. In 1911, during the […]

Sweet Sixteen and Dying to be Kissed

By Andrea Meyer IFC News Being a teenage girl ain’t easy. Sure, there are innocent pleasures of giggling with the girls over Tiger Beat — or some guy’s balls falling out of his shorts at the beach, but overnight breasts, sudden prettiness, sexual curiosity and uninvited attention make adolescent girlhood as confounding as it can […]

Maggie Cheung Unbeautifies for “Clean”

By Andrea Meyer IFC News Close your eyes and picture Maggie Cheung. Are you envisioning the impeccable beauty of “In the Mood for Love,” lithe body tucked into an elegant cheongsam and emotions bottled up somewhere deep inside? The ruthless killer soaring above swaying yellow trees, sword poised, face placid, in “Hero”? Or perhaps “Irma […]

Sympathy for “Lady Vengeance”‘s Park Chan-wook

By Andrea Meyer IFC News Park Chanwook makes violent movies. His recent project was a revenge trilogy about wronged characters setting in motion intricate, gruesome retribution upon those deserving cads who have done them wrong. In “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” (2002), an unemployed man wreaked vengeance on his former boss. In the Cannes Film Festival-winning […]