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Alonso Duralde

“Lost,” like you’ve never seen it before. (photo)

“Lost,” like you’ve never seen it before.

Somewhere along the line, “Must-See TV” turned into “No, Really, You Must See Every Single Episode of This Series or You’ll Be Completely Left Behind.” Hit dramas like “24,” “Alias,” “The Wire,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” to name just a few, were constructed with the notion that if your TiVo ate just one episode, […]

Suffer the Children (photo)

Suffer the Children

Seasoned moviegoers have come to recognize certain visual cues that let them know they’re about to witness scenes of unspeakable brutality: A close-up of a pot of boiling liquid in a movie that’s not about cooking. The emergence of a straight razor in a scene not set in a barbershop. And the five words: “Ein […]

Empty Calories (photo)

Empty Calories

Director Guy Ritchie’s talent for stirring violence and barely concealed homoeroticism remain very much on display in “Sherlock Holmes,” his first period piece and most flagrant effort to start a new franchise. But for all the film’s wit and zing, there’s no momentum — we get a series of stirring, entertaining scenes, but they never […]

Something Borrowed, Something Blue (photo)

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

type=”text/javascript” src=””>I can imagine Robert Zemeckis — whose botched motion-capture animated features “The Polar Express” and “A Christmas Carol” were full of rubbery, dead-eyed, freakish-looking human constructs — watching James Cameron’s “Avatar” with an expression on his face not unlike F. Murray Abraham’s Salieri listening to his first Mozart composition in “Amadeus.” From a technical […]

The Thin Line Between Lovely and Crazy (photo)

The Thin Line Between Lovely and Crazy

If you’re expecting Clint Eastwood’s “Invictus,” about how new South African president Nelson Mandela (played by Morgan Freeman) used the country’s rugby team as a way to bring the nation together, to be preachy and obvious, the film’s first and last scenes will fulfill your worst fears. Everything in between, however, comes smarter and more […]

Nowhere Men (photo)

Nowhere Men

Remember that warm and fuzzy montage at the opening of “Love Actually,” where Heathrow Airport is the scene of dozens of reunions, with lovers, parents and children, siblings and old friends running into each other’s arms and sharing their affection for each other? Those are not the friendly skies that Ryan Bingham travels in “Up […]