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Alison Willmore

The rest of it: Tuesday edition

KFCC interviews "Save the Green Planet" director Jeong Jun-hwan: Did you have to do much research to come up with the psychopathic characteristics for [main character] Lee Byong-gu (Shin Ha-kyun)? No. I became deranged in the process of writing it, and that was enough. Via New York Newsday, Maggie Gyllenhaal is sticking by the statements […]

Treading carefully into new territory.

In the New York Times, a piece on how Native American tribes are starting to invest in films, slowly and with no intention of throwing their money around wildly. One of the first major investments — Rick Schroder‘s directorial debut "Black Cloud." In the Guardian, novelist Lisa St Aubin de Terán talks about her efforts […]


Friday marks twenty-five years since the death of Alfred Hitchcock, which is apparently enough time that they’re taking down the velvet rope and letting people prance on his grave. In a figurative sense. The second Hitchcock remake in so many weeks has been announced (the first, "Strangers on a Train," is set to be directed […]

Not, you know, funny-weird

"Funny Ha Ha," a low-key indie from director Andrew Bujalski, took an interesting (and lengthy) trip through various film festivals, to TV, and finally, this week, out to a few theaters through an independently funded release. "Funny" follows a group of friends in the grip of post-college doldrums. indieWIRE‘s ever-changing Reverse Shot review team tackles […]

“Millions”: Danny Boyle Takes On Children, Globalism

For the record, Danny Boyle’s theatrical gambits include a claustrophobic Hitchcockian thriller, a kinetic drug diary, an overblown fantastical romantic comedy, an uneven mainstream drama, and a postmodern zombie flick. This is not touching on the two broad comedies he made in his post-“Beach” lull, neither of which made it to US theaters, nor his […]