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World’s Greatest Dad

In defense of “Freddy Got Fingered.” (photo)

In defense of “Freddy Got Fingered.”

If you thought Tom Green had disappeared off the face of the earth, fear not (or, alternately, quit celebrating): he’s back on the stand-up beat and has a new movie, “Prankstar,” that’s sitting there until he figures out what to do with it. This is terrific news, because — seriously — his 2001 film “Freddy […]

Do Spoilers Spoil Movie Discussions? (photo)

Do Spoilers Spoil Movie Discussions?

Spoiler etiquette is getting ever more complex, but honestly, if knowing a plot twist in advance can ruin a movie, is it that good a movie to begin with? This week on the IFC News podcast, we discuss the definition and rules of spoilers, when and why critics and advertisers have deemed it acceptable to […]

World’s Greatest Dad (photo)

World’s Greatest Dad

I like dark comedies because they are more honest than their average brethren – the good ones anyway. It’s a broad category but it seems we can add Bobcat Goldthwait’s “World’s Greatest Dad” to a list that includes films like “Heathers,” “Ghost World,” every other film the Cohen Brothers make, even the likes of “Dr. […]

A Head Without a Heart (photo)

A Head Without a Heart

When each successive film from a new, audacious talent seems richer and more rewarding than the one before, it can sometimes be hard to tell whether the director is steadily improving or it’s simply taking you some time and effort to learn how to watch his/her movies. Argentina’s Lucrecia Martel arrived on the international film […]

Overused Soundtrack Choices (photo)

Overused Soundtrack Choices

When “Under Pressure” starts up on the soundtrack of “World’s Greatest Dad,” it’s as both a fitting soundtrack choice and as a joke — the song, a callback from an earlier scene, is so overused as a music cue that no matter how thematically appropriate it is, it’s going to come with loads of baggage. […]

Basterds, the IRA and the real Mad Men (photo)

Basterds, the IRA and the real Mad Men

Another monster release slate this week finds, amongst other things, interpretations of the Irish troubles, both real and imagined. Also, we meet the real life Mad Men, QT’s Basterds and the godfather of African-American indie film as a bearded ten-year-old boy. Download this in audio form (MP3: 15:35 minutes, 14.3 MB) Subscribe to the In […]

“Zed is Dead”: A Chat with Bobcat Goldthwait (photo)

“Zed is Dead”: A Chat with Bobcat Goldthwait

Comedian-turned-filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait is getting closer to shaking off his early career history, when his stand-up comic persona had a high-pitched, jittery growl (for the last time: no, that wasn’t his real voice), which also fueled his role as Zed, the loose-cannon cop from the “Police Academy” series. In 1991, he directed the now cult-legendary […]

Sundance 2009: The Truth Was Out There (photo)

Sundance 2009: The Truth Was Out There

Everyone at the Sundance Film Festival is looking for something. Filmmakers are looking for distributors. Distributors are looking for hits. Attendees are looking for tickets. Publicists are looking for good press. Journalists are looking for good stories. Sponsors are looking for stars to take pictures with their products. Volunteers are looking to get noticed. I […]

Sundance 2009: “World’s Greatest Dad.” (photo)

Sundance 2009: “World’s Greatest Dad.”

Bobcat Goldthwait’s not what you would call a natural filmmaker — while “World’s Greatest Dad” isn’t half as clumsy looking as his 2006 Sundance bestiality-themed rom-com “Stay,” it’s still rough as all hell and reliant on handfuls of endless music montages. But as a screenwriter, he’s among the best in what’s its own subcategory these […]