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Baroness For Life

Baroness von Sketch Show is available for immediate consumption.

Sundance 2009: “The September Issue.” (photo)

Sundance 2009: “The September Issue.”

There’s a moment in “The September Issue” in which it seems, perhaps, that Miss Anna Wintour regrets. She’s just explained that her siblings work in global labor organization, in arranging low-income housing and as the political editor of the Guardian. “My brothers and sister are very amused by what I do,” she says, biting her […]

RJ Cutler, Sundance Fashion Critic

RJ Cutler, director of “The September Issue,” a documentary about Anna Wintour and the production of Vogue magazine’s most important issue in the year, takes to the Park City streets to critique fashion at the Sundance Film Festival. The flash 8 plugin was not detected.