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Viggo Mortensen


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“A Dangerous Method,” reviewed (photo)

“A Dangerous Method,” reviewed

A version of this review originally ran as part of our coverage of the 2011 New Orleans Film Festival. Here is a director talking about a subject he’s covered many times before in a totally new way. The filmmaker is David Cronenberg and his topic is the mysterious world of sexuality. From “Videodrome” to “Dead […]

Fox passes on David Cronenberg’s “The Fly” sequel (photo)

Fox passes on David Cronenberg’s “The Fly” sequel

If I can get you to stop staring at “The Expendables 2” poster for just one second… thanks. Here’s another item for Great Director Leaves Promising Update of Cultish Old School Genre Material Friday: according to The Playlist Fox has passed on David Cronenberg‘s sorta-remakey sequel to his seminal 1986 horror film “The Fly.” At […]

“A Dangerous Method” trailer promises hot Freudian action (photo)

“A Dangerous Method” trailer promises hot Freudian action

It feels like we’ve been waiting for David Cronenberg‘s new movie for an eternity. It’s been four years since his last film, “Eastern Promises,” and at least a year or two reading about “A Dangerous Method,” his film about the relationship and rivalry between Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen) and Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender). The film […]

More Than This (photo)

More Than This

End times are with us again, it seems, peaking in the American brainpan beyond even the levels enjoyed during the Cold War, and doubtlessly fed by the river of fear-mongering napalm that pours forth from 24-hour news channels, instant cyber-crises and always-alarmed personal media. How could we stand a chance, when plugged into so many […]

The Devil and the IFC News Podcast (photo)

The Devil and the IFC News Podcast

The trailer for faith-based thriller “C Me Dance,” in which Lucifer menaces an aspiring ballerina (totally) got us thinking about the many actors who’ve channeled their inner evil to play the lord of the underworld. This week on the IFC News podcast, we look at the best and worst of them, and at the divide […]

Interview: Viggo Mortensen on “Good”

By Aaron Hillis Poet. Painter. Photographer. Political activist. Man of the world. Sure, the first sight of actor Viggo Mortensen’s cleft chin may instantly recall a marauding horde of Orcs or a naked knifefight in a Russian bathhouse, but he’s too smart and impassioned an artist to be written off as just another Hollywood leading […]

Watch your mouth.

“My apologies.”          –Viggo Mortensen, after going off about the things “that have been happening in the last eight years in this country,” and being reminded that he’s actually in Toronto, from the New York Times. “Contrary to what I was quoted as saying, I feel very proud of my country and through my work I […]

On DVD: Lech Majewski, “Brand Upon the Brain!”

By Michael Atkinson Who is Lech Majewski? Among other things, he’s something of a newfound challenge for the critic and budding cinephile. A tireless and passionate Euro artiste of a kind that gets often relegated to the “underground” or “experimental” categories in this country, but who also employs old-fashioned surrealism and sometimes nets name actors […]