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The Exorcist


The Four-Day Sweatsgiving Weekend On IFC

This long holiday weekend is your time to gobble gobble gobble and give heartfelt thanks—thanks for the comfort and forgiveness of sweatpants. Because when it comes right down to it, there’s nothing more wholesome and American than stuffing yourself stupid and spending endless hours in front of the TV in your softest of softests. So […]


5 Great Moments in Sweatpants History

Spend Thanksgiving in sweatpants with IFC’s Sweatsgiving Weekend.


Spend Thanksgiving in Sweatpants With IFC’s Sweatsgiving Marathon

Spend Thanksgiving weekend on the couch with Todd Margaret, That ’70s Show and more.

THE EXORCIST [US 1973]  LINDA BLAIR     Date: 1973

The Power Compels You to Take the Exorcist Movie Quiz

Catch an all-day Exorcist marathon on Sunday, November 1st.


7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Exorcist

Catch The Exorcist tonight 9p.


10 Greatest Puke Scenes in Movies

Catch The Exorcist on Sun, July 20 at 8p – part of IFC and Alamo Drafthouse Presents “All the Right Moves” Month.


Celebrate Halloween with Redd Kross and a double feature of “The Exorcist”

We’ve been waiting all month to celebrate Halloween. Now it is finally here and once we get rid of those pesky ghouls, goblins, Power Rangers and baby Beyonces and Jay Zs, we are going to sit right down on the couch and get our pants scared off of us. No, not by watching the presidential […]


What to watch on IFC: October 29 – November 4

There’s a hurricane ablowin’ on the east coast, earthquakes in Los Angeles and Arkansas, and a snow storm in the Great Lakes region. This is Mother Nature’s way of saying stay inside and watch IFC. Here’s what to watch this week on IFC: Monday Get in touch with your inner vigilante when we show “Punisher: […]


Get Scared Shitless Saturday with “Scream 3” and “The Exorcist”

Brace yourself for terror this Saturday, because it’s our last chance to scare you shitless and we’re going all out. While the main event starts at 8/7c with the fearsome double feature of “Scream 3” followed by “The Exorcist” at 10:30 p.m. ET, we have a day full of terror to get you in the […]


What to watch this week on IFC: October 15- 21

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that the streets are filled with greedy little children demanding, nay, blackmailing you for candy. If you try and scare the bossy little devils, Power Rangers, and walking dead, or even keep the candy for yourself, their parents get downright angry. What’s a reasonable person to do? […]