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The Beach


What to watch this week on IFC: October 8th – 14th

It’s getting cold outside! Also as Halloween approaches things are getting progressively spookier. There’s only one place you’re truly safe: Inside watching the warming blue glow of the television set. Here’s what to watch this week on IFC: Monday Start your week off with a scream. We’re showing back-to-back tales of terror when we show […]


What to watch this week on IFC: August 20-26

Hate to tell you this, but summer’s almost over. You better spend as much time as possible inside in the air conditioning before your guilty eco-conscience makes you turn it off. Here’s what to watch this week on IFC: Monday Emilio Estevez and Samuel L. Jackson star in “National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon,” which is most […]


What to Watch on IFC: August 6 – 12

Hey guess what? It’s August, which means that from coast to coast it’s hot and disgusting outside. As usual we are here for you. We are filling our channel with back-to-back must-see movies, laugh-out-loud comedies, and our own original programming, including new episodes of Bunk and Comedy Bang! Bang!. The icing on the already awesome […]

Bringing the Podcast to a (Danny) Boyle (photo)

Bringing the Podcast to a (Danny) Boyle

One of the breakout directors of the ’90s thanks to his still-exuberant, edgy and dark 1996 drug story, Danny Boyle has gone on to an intriguing career of bringing his visually kinetic style to genres as varied as horror, sci-fi, romantic comedy and now semi-experimental tales of survival. On this week’s IFC News podcast, we […]