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The Muppet Show


Baroness For Life

Baroness von Sketch Show is available for immediate consumption.


The 15 Funniest Fictional Bands Ever

Just because a band is fictional doesn’t mean it can’t be as popular as its real world counterparts. (Admit it, you still have that Zack Attack album buried in your closet somewhere.) Whether spoofing a famous act, or creating their own inept sound, these fake bands often wear their love of the music world on […]

Ingmar Bergman’s favorite Muppet. (photo)

Ingmar Bergman’s favorite Muppet.

W. Magazine‘s article on the auctioning off of the late Ingmar Bergman’s home and belongings confirmed what I’d long suspected: Animal was, in fact, his favorite Muppet. Bergman was also known to relish the odd blockbuster during his two daily film viewings at a screening room ten minutes’ drive from his house. Watching “Jurassic Park,” […]