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The Iron Giant


Brad Bird is “gratified” by the continued popularity of “The Iron Giant”

The director talked to IFC in anticipation of the film’s charity screening of “The Iron Giant” at the Los Angeles Animation Festival.

Animators who have made the live-action leap. (photo)

Animators who have made the live-action leap.

It’s a pleasant surprise to see that Brad Bird is being considered as a possible director for “Mission Impossible IV,” a game of musical chairs that is said to include “Zombieland”‘s Ruben Fleischer and Edgar Wright. Of course, “The Iron Giant” director has never helmed a live-action feature before, though that shouldn’t be a stumbling […]

SXSW 2009: “The 2 Bobs.” (photo)

SXSW 2009: “The 2 Bobs.”

Goofy, well-intentioned and not particularly good, “The 2 Bobs” is a mad-lib love letter to the city of Austin — the tech industry, barbecue and a billion other disparate elements have been swirled together into a shambolic comedy about how the brilliant, socially inept founders of a gaming company, both named Bob, lose the title […]