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The Headless Woman

The Sleepwalker Awakes (photo)

The Sleepwalker Awakes

Bearing the sulphurous odor of a film artist with very particular and often well-hated views on how much visual narrative should mean and how little it should actually show or “make” us feel a certain way, Lucrecia Martel has made only three features, but immediately, at 35 with “La CiĆ©naga” (2001), she had a unique […]

The Best Films of 2009 (photo)

The Best Films of 2009

Matt Singer: We entered 2009 with a new president who promised to bring our country hope. But looking back at the year in film, I don’t see a lot of hope; I see a lot of grief and despair. Oh sure, the box office charts were dominated by your now-typical assortment of franchises, spin-offs, reboots […]

The Look of Being Lost (photo)

The Look of Being Lost

Lucrecia Martel’s hallucinatory new film “The Headless Woman” could just as well be called “The Hazy Woman.” While the film’s protagonist, the middle-aged Vero, appears headless, literally, in several images — with the frame cutting her off at the neck — she’s also shown walking around in a daze, with blurry cinematography providing a visual […]

A Head Without a Heart (photo)

A Head Without a Heart

When each successive film from a new, audacious talent seems richer and more rewarding than the one before, it can sometimes be hard to tell whether the director is steadily improving or it’s simply taking you some time and effort to learn how to watch his/her movies. Argentina’s Lucrecia Martel arrived on the international film […]

Basterds, the IRA and the real Mad Men (photo)

Basterds, the IRA and the real Mad Men

Another monster release slate this week finds, amongst other things, interpretations of the Irish troubles, both real and imagined. Also, we meet the real life Mad Men, QT’s Basterds and the godfather of African-American indie film as a bearded ten-year-old boy. Download this in audio form (MP3: 15:35 minutes, 14.3 MB) Subscribe to the In […]

NYFF 2008: The rest.

“I’m Gonna Explode” An unhappy girl and a troubled boy meet in detention in their high school in a suburb of Mexico City, and before you can shout “Holy Nouvelle Vague, Batman!” they’re running away on a dreamy days-long adventure together, having found their perfect co-conspirator. Their parents don’t take this well, but their on-the-lam […]