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The Godfather

Documentary Now! Robert Evans Mansion

Everything You Need To Know About “Mr. Runner Up” Inspiration Robert Evans

Infamous Hollywood producer Robert Evans gets a Doc Now twist.


10 Signs You’re In a Mob Movie

If dinner ends with someone getting stabbed with a fork, you just might be in a mob movie.


11 Epic Books with Equally Epic Adaptations

The Spoils of Babylon—penned by the Master of Dramatic Fiction, Eric Jonrosh—is one of the most epic novels ever written. That’s why adapting it to television was no small feat. Thankfully, with Jonrosh’s involvement, and the participation of an all-star cast, the impossible dream comes true on Thursday, Jan. 9 at 10/9c. To help hold […]


“Arrested Development” meets “The Godfather” in hilarious new mashup

“It’s ‘Arrested… Godfather.'”


The Five Best Revenge Movies

We take a look at the most ruthless tales of retaliation in cinema history.

Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

Top 10 bullet scenes in movies

With this week’s premiere of IFC’s crime-ridden, ultra-violent two-night event “Bullet in the Face” (kicking off Thursday 10/9c), let’s lock, load and take aim at some of the most memorable bullet scenes in cinema. “The Matrix” (1999) – “Bullet time” One simply cannot even fathom doing a bullet-themed feature without including the film that introduced […]

What are the most iconic images in film history? (photo)

What are the most iconic images in film history?

What would you say to a blog post about a big honking topic from the world of cinema that’s impossible to wrap your head around in a single blog post? Would that be something you’d be interested in before you head off for the long holiday weekend? Good. I enjoyed this list from that […]

“The Godfather” Tops List of Movies People Lie About Seeing (photo)

“The Godfather” Tops List of Movies People Lie About Seeing

An interesting poll from The Press Association today. According to a study of 1500 by the UK video rental firm Lovefilm, “The Godfather” is the #1 movie most people claim to have seen, but haven’t. According to this poll, almost one out of every three people say they have seen “The Godfather” under false pretenses. […]

The Unofficial IFC Gift Guide (photo)

The Unofficial IFC Gift Guide

Tick tock, tick tock. The number of shopping days in which you can safely get away without paying exorbitant overnight shipping fees and still get presents into deserving (or at least, greedy) hands by Christmas are swiftly trickling away. Whatever shall you buy your nearest and dearest to both say “I love you” and “There’s […]

The Corleone Mansion from “The Godfather” Is Up For Sale (photo)

The Corleone Mansion from “The Godfather” Is Up For Sale

Do you love “The Godfather” and outrageously expensive Tutor-style houses? If you answered yes to both questions, Christmas came early this year, as The New York Post reports that the Staten Island home that was used to play the Corleone family mansion in “The Godfather” is up for sale. Yes the site of that famous […]