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From Dusk Till Dawn

10 Plot Shifts That Came Out of Nowhere

10 plot shifts that made you go “Whaaaa???”

Bringing the Podcast to a (Danny) Boyle (photo)

Bringing the Podcast to a (Danny) Boyle

One of the breakout directors of the ’90s thanks to his still-exuberant, edgy and dark 1996 drug story, Danny Boyle has gone on to an intriguing career of bringing his visually kinetic style to genres as varied as horror, sci-fi, romantic comedy and now semi-experimental tales of survival. On this week’s IFC News podcast, we […]

No One Can Hear You Scream (photo)

No One Can Hear You Scream

“Nature never intended for you to survive here” warns the trailer for the new film “Whiteout,” about Kate Beckinsale tracking a killer in Antarctica. But the planet’s least hospitable continent isn’t the only place humans don’t belong — this week on the IFC News podcast, we list some of our favorite movie uses of hostile […]

Danny Boyle on “Sunshine” (photo)

Danny Boyle on “Sunshine”

It may seem peculiar that Danny Boyle would fancy himself an optimist, considering his films cover unsettling topics like heroin addiction (“Trainspotting”), screwing over friends (“Shallow Grave”), and a flat-out, zombie-like apocalypse (“28 Days Later”). “The scenarios pick themselves,” claims the beloved British director, who strives with each new film to make “the biggest challenge […]