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Still Walking

Alejandro Amenabar’s “Tesis” Statement and More New on DVD (photo)

Alejandro Amenabar’s “Tesis” Statement and More New on DVD

A look at what’s new on DVD today: “Tesis” (1996) Directed by Alejandro Amenabar Released by Widowmaker Films Long out of print, “The Others” director Alejandro Amenabar’s debut about a grad student’s discovery of a snuff film is being remastered and rereleased by Widowmaker Films. “Alice in Murderland” (2011) Directed by Dennis Devine Released by […]

Are family dramas and special effects incompatible? (photo)

Are family dramas and special effects incompatible?

At the Guardian, David Thomson pits “Avatar” against Ozu, or at least the ghost of Ozu as manifested in Kore-eda Hirokazu’s “Still Walking,” which just hit UK theaters: You might expect he’s gauging the gap between overwhelming spectacle and the gold standard for Profound Understatement, but — oddly — what he’s mostly concerned with is […]

The Best Films of 2009 (photo)

The Best Films of 2009

Matt Singer: We entered 2009 with a new president who promised to bring our country hope. But looking back at the year in film, I don’t see a lot of hope; I see a lot of grief and despair. Oh sure, the box office charts were dominated by your now-typical assortment of franchises, spin-offs, reboots […]

“Taking Woodstock” Offers Nothing New (photo)

“Taking Woodstock” Offers Nothing New

Apparently determined to tackle every cinematic genre known to man, Ang Lee has thus far given us his take on the popular-lit adaptation (“Eat Drink Man Woman”), the classic-lit adaptation (“Sense and Sensibility”), the Civil War western (“Ride With the Devil”), the wuxia action flick (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”), the Marvel comic-book summer tentpole (“Hulk”), […]

August Evenings (photo)

August Evenings

This week’s slate reinvents the wheel, so to speak, unveiling a vast array of twists, tweaks, role reversals and reinventions to satisfy all tastes. Download this in audio form (MP3: 12:46 minutes, 11.7 MB) Subscribe to the In Theaters podcast: [XML] [iTunes] “At The Edge of The World” Made famous by the weekly embedded correspondence […]

Rotterdam 2009: The Wrap-Up (photo)

Rotterdam 2009: The Wrap-Up

The Rotterdam Film Festival has had a history of promoting the weird, the obsessive and the cultish in cinema, and there’s been little change as this year’s edition reaches its close. They’ve programmed a survey of recent Asian horror films, complete with a “haunted house” installation, and they’ve maintained their loyalty to unfashionable provocateurs like […]